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Using Golden’s High Flow Paint with Rubber Stamps thumbnail

I’d heard about the high flow paint from Golden.  I wondered was it really that different from all my other paints?  I lucked into a sample of it and wow, was I hooked! So ordered a few more colors.   Turns out it is different from my other paints. Why? Because it is like an [...]

Week 8 of The Declaration of You’s BlogLovin’ Tour is all about trust – a word I have been exploring this year.  I chose this week for my post because trust is a powerful word for me. You can learn more about all 8 weeks of the BlogLovin’ tour here. When I trust my muse [...]

  Just playing around with my new Catalyst blades on scrap cardboard.  No pressure. Just random marks.  Maybe it will end up in an art journal? No idea where it would end up. I came back later that night and my great grandma appeared to me.  Not a ghost, but in the painting.  I remember [...]

It’s love, Gelli Plate style!  The cute little heart shaped candy boxes from last year were given a new life with paint and the Gelli for this month’s A Colorful Gelli Print Party.  The February link party will be open all month  for you you share what you’ve Gelli’d and to enjoy some inspiration from [...]

It’s day 6 of the party and I am not cleaning for it!  I don’t like to clean. I really don’t like to clean.  Just ask my long suffering teens who have to do dishes and sweep and do laundry!  So I find it joyful when I don’t need to clean my Gelli Plate! For [...]

It’s day 4 of the party!  So glad you are here!  I’ve been asked what kind of paper I use and it is whatever I have.  In these videos it has been cheap cards stock from the office supply store.  I will use old book pages,scrapbook paper, deli paper, really anything!  The paints I use [...]

Let’s kick off 2013 with lots of inspiration and color!   This is day one of a week long celebration of the Gelli Plate Santa delivered.  A 12×14 jumbo Gelli Plate under my tree and I am like a 5 year old! New to the Gelli Plate? Click here to watch an introductory video that covers [...]

I was stuck in my head.  When I am in my head it means I judge harshly.  I criticize unrelentingly.  I try to make it perfect the first time.  Do you ever do that?  Not a surprise that when I am only in my head my creativity is blocked. Below is the process of how [...]

Buckle up because the Stencil Test Drive is here!  The Hebrew Calligraphy with Hamsa Stencil is first up!               This is just the first of many wonderful blog hops between now and June celebrating Jessica’s stencils at Stencil Girl Products.  Not only do they have fabulous stencils they also [...]

Fall Fearless and Fly #5 has begun!  There is a fabulous journal page from Marcia Beckett and 2 great prizes!  An ephemera pack from Marcia and $25 from Blue Moon Scrapbooking!  They have the most wonderful selection of goodies! Headline Prompt:  Lifelong Fan:  What or who have you consistently valued or looked up to in [...]