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Painting a Picnic Table thumbnail

A picnic table is great place to add some color to your outdoors. Since it’s outdoors, it means it has to endure the elements, rain, sun, snow and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it. In the past I’ve used paint samples to do this but that was an interior paint so that is what [...]

Side-by-side test of Golden’s new and old Cobalt Teal Paint thumbnail

The rumors are true! Golden did bring back Cobalt Teal paint and the first thing I wanted to know was, “Is this same as the old Cobalt Teal that I loved?” Since I happened to be hoarding a tube of the old stuff, I did a side-by-side test to see if they were the same in [...]

OOPS! I Loved it Then I Hated it. Now What? thumbnail

I detested this canvas for a very long time.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  The more I looked at it the uglier it became in my head but that ugliness was a gift from my muse.  How was ugly a gift?  When it makes me cringe, I don’t care what happens to it. I was free [...]

I Was So Happy that I Didn’t Like It! thumbnail

What makes a great canvas for play? One that I don’t like anymore!  There were marks all over this, there was texture, there was pattern, there was color. But together, they just didn’t rock my world. At one time, I had liked this canvas, but not any more. This was a perfect opportunity to play! [...]

Making patterns in an art journal inspired by everyday objects video tutorial by Carolyn Dube

“Ordinary” things, like a kiwi, can lead to colorful play.  That average kiwi was the start of this colorful pattern which clearly is not a hyper realistic pattern that I’ve made.  It’s more like gum ball kiwis for this week’s Let’s Play video. What is Let’s Play?  It’s all about rediscovering the ability to play. Each month I share a [...]

Finding the freedom when my art sucks…stinks…is absolutely no good by Carolyn Dube

Freedom.  I love the feeling of freedom…it is after all so freeing! So how do I get that freedom?  I create stuff that stinks.  Stuff that is absolutely no good.  And that it is how I find freedom. I started with this canvas I stenciled and spray inked eons ago with Rembrandt’s Words.  It has been sitting [...]

What happens when Carolyn gets a giant paintbrush? She finds a way to paint big outdoors…with temporary paint!

Ever see an art supply and have no idea how you are going to use it but you know you just have to own it?  Sometimes it’s a good thing to follow impulses.  That impulse is what led me outdoors to play… I had to find a giant canvas to go with these giant 2″ [...]

How did I live without these paint squeezers?  This came in the mail recently from a friend who saw them and knew if it worked on toothpaste it would work wonders on a tube of paint. Here’s a tube of paint held up to the light so you can see how little paint is wasted! [...]

  There are some colors I just don’t use much.  Then there are others I never use.  Like brown. But now I am warming up to the browns. Kirsten Reed has been working on me for quite a while to see the amazing way of the color brown.  After taking her Pumpkin Painting Class, I have [...]

I painted with rain, not in the rain, but with the rain.  Thanks to Mother Nature, the rain acted as my paintbrush to blend and smear the color.  A huge bonus is that I did not have to clean  this paintbrush when I was finished and I was able to make so many so quickly. [...]