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Pan Pastels

PanPastels Make It Easy to Build a Pattern thumbnail

I’m playing with Orly Avineri’s Soft Bones stencil from StencilGirl, one of her  5 new stencils.  I’m not the only one playing – this is a blog hop!  With a giveaway too!   PanPastels are a fast and easy way to build a pattern with a stencil because you don’t have to wait for a [...]

An art journal page doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Truly, there are no rules when it comes to art journaling and play.  A few weeks ago I stenciled the heart with paint and let it be until I had a  stack of PanPastels out on my counter that were whispering to me. I [...]

  Welcome to February’s Colorful Gelli Print Party!  There’s lots in today’s post including the winners from Stencil Week, a new home for the Colorful Gelli Print link up, and of course, a tutorial video!  New to the Party?  You can find links to all the previous Colorful Gelli Print Parties here.     This [...]

Nathalie Kalbach has outdone herself with her Elephant March stencil for StencilGirl Products!  I am in love with it for so many reasons.  All the texture in it, all the different patterns hidden in this beauty, and all the fun titles and quotes that go with an elephant!   Not to mention the memories I [...]

I am so thankful for challenges- well art challenges that is…I have been working on an upcoming workshop and my brain became a bit fried doing all the non-art behind the scenes work.   I was feeling stuck and every decision felt like a life altering decision.  The Summer of Color rescued me!  How?  I’ll show [...]

Black is a paint color I rarely use on my Gelli Plate but every now and again I do.  So I cleaned off my brayer in my vintage journal like I do with the rainbow of colors I usually use.  And it sat. And sat.  Most of my other colors get lost or look muddy [...]

Sifting through a drawer I bumped into my bingo cards. My precious, must save, can’t bear to use, bingo cards.  The words on 1 really caught my attention- 12 different ways to win on every card. Just like life, there are always lots of ways to “win”.     My old ledger colored randomly from [...]

Jessica Sporn’s  Windows and Doors stencil spoke to me the moment I saw it. I love love love doors and windows- my kids tease me about how I get excited about the shapes of  doors and windows on vacation.  Just now I even spotted a mysterious friend in the center window (actually it is just [...]

The Journey to Outer Mongolia thumbnail

Who knew when I started playing I would end up in Outer Mongolia!  I’ve been secretly working on a new free workshop, A Colorful Workshop: Use Your Words and the “stuff” from that is all over my counters.  So are Gelli Plate papers from the February Gelli party.  Okay, confession time, there is stuff all [...]

Nathalie Kalbach is the guest artist for the last Fall Fearless and Fly!   Her work is inspiring!  I have had an absolute blast co-hosting this with Jessica Sporn!  Thank you to every person who has participated from guest artists to artists who linked up to the people who stopped by to taken in all [...]