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artsy fartsy challenges

Artsy Fartsy Play with a Stencil thumbnail

A bit of Dylusions spray inks and a stencil, Use Your Words, brought a touch color to my art journal. In the video, you’ll see how I used the back of the stencil to get these words onto my page. One of the great things about Dylusions is how it reacts to water and did [...]

A Greek Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

I have fond memories of Greece and am in awe of ancient Greece. Love the old temples, the history, the mystery of it all! When I saw this stencil by Maria McGuire for StencilGirl Products I was flooded with memories of my visits. Maria and I decided this stencil was to be our Artsy Fartsy [...]

Playing with Sue’s Stencil for Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

  Artsy Fartsy is back! Maria McGuire and I took a break for a while due to scheduling and commitments but we’re playing again. Neither one of us has any less to do now (maybe even more)…She has taken on a wonderful new adventure that will be revealed soon and I am working on new [...]

The Journey to Outer Mongolia thumbnail

Who knew when I started playing I would end up in Outer Mongolia! I’ve been secretly working on a new free workshop, A Colorful Workshop: Use Your Words and the “stuff” from that is all over my counters. So are Gelli Plate papers from the February Gelli party. Okay, confession time, there is stuff all [...]

My Own Private Paper Store thumbnail

A Gelli Plate is just like having your own private paper store. Using old scrapbook papers and dictionary pages with the Gelli Plate I unintentionally created a coordinating set of papers! These papers sparked my art journal page for Artsy Fartsy. Why did I have my Gelli Plate out? Because it is time for another [...]

Everyone Needs a Party Hat! thumbnail

The latest headline prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly grabbed me unexpectedly! There was a completely different plan for my Fall Fearless art. I had planned to do the color prompt but I could not get the questions out of my head. Before I knew it my Fall Fearless had merged with my Artsy Fartsy. [...]

A Colorful Gelli Print Party thumbnail

  I have so much fun when I art with friends, in person or on the net. That is how Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun got started! While working on this week’s Artsy Fartsy challenge I was struck by how much fun I was having with my Gelli Plate. I have heard from little elves that [...]

Herding Bunny Rabbits thumbnail

I had a plan for this Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun challenge. Maria McGuire and I are using the Gelli Plate, oil pastels and a die cut. Pop on over to her blog to see what she created! I was so proud that I had a plan. I knew exactly what I was going to create [...]

The Artistic 3 R’s thumbnail

In some circles the 3 R’s are reading, writing, and arithmetic- but not in my world. It’s ribbon, rub-ons, and rubber stamps. That’s the latest Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun challenge with my creative friend, Maria McGuire. The rules are simple. Use the 3 things in anything and in any way. Be sure to check out [...]

Struggling and Believing thumbnail

There is something to learn in every piece I create- especially the ones I struggle with. I debated posting this one but since I was on a deadline – I posted it, fear and all with that knot in my stomach. When I went to sleep I was in full doubt mode. Ever been there? [...]