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A Colorful Gelli Print Party

Using Free Stuff on the Gelli Plate thumbnail

There is free stuff all around that is just begging to be used on the Gelli Plate!    A recent stay in a hotel room provided me lots of free goodies that I thought would be cool to use on the Gelli Plate!  So, for this month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party I decided to bring it all home [...]

Stickers and Shimmer on a Gelli Plate! thumbnail

  Did you know you can put stickers on a Gelli Plate?  For this month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party it’s all about stickers, shimmering paints, and circles!     I don’t waste a drop of paint- especially this incredible paint (can you tell I am in love?).  In the video, you’ll see how I add [...]

Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate thumbnail

Make Picasso style portraits in minutes on the Gelli Plate! For this months’ Colorful Gelli Print Party I am showing how easy it is to do.  Picasso was a master with lines, especially when creating faces.  But I am going to “cheat”.   I didn’t practice drawing.  I didn’t master the proportions of a face.  I went to [...]

Doing the Twist with a Gelli Plate for this Month’s Party! thumbnail

Welcome to this month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party! This month we’re making a simple tool that creates fantastic patterns on the Gelli Plate with just a simple twist! Check out the video to see how much fun an empty vitamin bottle can be!  http://youtu.be/WXcXWzFofq8 Watch Using a Twisting Tool on the Gelli Plate on YouTube.   [...]

Using My Hands on the Gelli Plate for This Month’s Party thumbnail

Hands right in the paint

  This month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party is all about giving high five’s and celebrating our successes…and getting paint all over our hands on the Gelli Plate!   http://youtu.be/vtenyEwhdFM Watch  Using Your Hands on the Gelli Plate on YouTube   Every day is filled with successes.  It is so much easier to see the shortcomings, the struggles, [...]

Can You Use Fabric on the Gelli Plate-YES! thumbnail

Can you use fabric on the Gelli Plate? Absolutely! The white fabric I used was very very affordable, actually might be called cheap.  I have used heavier fabrics and they work well also. This is up a few days early – hope no one minds…In the video, I’m using regular acrylic paints on fabric.  To [...]

  What is the big deal about open acrylics and the Gelli Plate?  I didn’t know until Mary Beth Shaw introduced me to them.  I can’t believe I have lived this long without them….   The amount of the pigment in Golden combined with being Open acrylics means they stay wet longer and allow me to get [...]

  Welcome to April’s Colorful Gelli Print Party! The packing tape video by Gelli Arts (here) inspired my play today.  But, alas,  I am patience impaired and did not want to wait for the layers to dry so I played with the tape on the Gelli Plate in a different way.   What did I [...]

A knit hat inspired this month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party video.  I don’t knit but I can appreciate the beauty of it.  Just ask my daughter who tried to teach me…  But I just kept thinking about Dawn Mlodoch’s handmade, hand-dyed hat with circles of color.  You can see it here.   Sharing Inspiration This [...]

  Welcome to February’s Colorful Gelli Print Party!  There’s lots in today’s post including the winners from Stencil Week, a new home for the Colorful Gelli Print link up, and of course, a tutorial video!  New to the Party?  You can find links to all the previous Colorful Gelli Print Parties here.     This [...]