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spray paint

Rescued from decision paralysis by the rainbow while painting letters with liquitex spray paints video by Carolyn Dube

Decisions can be overwhelming, even paralyzing.  I was trapped trying to make the right decision for how to color these wood letters. All the vowels could be one color and the consonants multi colored.  I could randomly color each letter.  I could use patterns to make different or I could make them all the same. [...]

The 3 Reasons Why I Use Liquitex Spray Paints thumbnail

There are 3 reasons why Liquitex spray paints have become my favorite, especially with stencils. #1 They consistently have the colors I adore, instead of them being seasonal.  Once I fall in love with a color, I want to know I can get more of it.  Otherwise my inner hoarder goes in overdrive worrying that [...]

Spray Painting an Old Bike thumbnail

When my favorite bike began to fall apart, I decided to add a touch of color and pattern to it.  Actually, I rainbowized it. Now the spray painted and stenciled bike sits outside my studio year round. I’m rainbowizing an old bike with a touch of color and a few stencils…stencils from @stencilgirl_products . . . #artplay [...]

Spray Painting Cardboard and Making a Mask thumbnail

The joy of going to IKEA for me is the packaging, giant pieces of cardboard.   It becomes a ridiculously long surface to art on and because it is so big, I need a way to do it quickly.  After all, patience is not one of my virtues yet.  Out come the spray paints! https://youtu.be/aPptF35BbNw Watch Spray painting with [...]

The secret of a mystery was revealed to me by my muse while I was art journaling.  Or perhaps she was having fun reminding of something I need to be reminded of every now and then.  Let’s just say the secret isn’t rocket science…  In this video, you’ll see how I deal with not being able [...]

I’m using spray paints with a stencil to create patterned paper

My mission was to use up all my old spray paints since I rarely use them now that I have found some that smell less, are easier to clean up, and have the exact colors I love.  I covered the table with a painting tarp, grabbed my boxes of paints, and even had a little [...]

Playing around layering spray paints and a stencil to create patterned papers

There isn’t enough space in my studio.  A common problem for me since I seem to collect all sorts of things.  To remedy this situation, I have given myself a deadline to use it or lose it.  Whatever spray paints from a long ignored drawer I don’t use up today, get donated to a local art [...]

“You’d be so good at vandalism Mom!”  Hmm…maybe I need to rethink the example I am setting for my children….nah!  Everyone should grab a can of spray paints and let loose occasionally!  Nothing seems to be safe here from the paint lately at our house. The neighbors haven’t rioted yet with all the color.  As [...]

As I stood in front of a plain and boring wall, my inner teenager hijacked my thoughts.   Total rebellion against the gray cement.  This wall needed some color and did it ever get some color! That first round of color was empowering.  The second and third were exhilarating.  I couldn’t have stopped if I [...]

Painting Flower Pots…Learn From My Mistakes thumbnail

I wanted color, lots of color, all summer long.  The plants are pretty but there are times when they aren’t in full bloom and I wanted color all the time.  So I used an afternoon painting flower pots.  Oops… What you are seeing is the 2nd try with the paint….the first time I used exterior house [...]