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Catalyst blades

What are Scribble Sticks by Dina Wakley? thumbnail

What are Scribble Sticks? Inquiring minds want to know! Are they like a crayon or a colored pencil or a watercolor  or an oil pastel?  Will they work on dark colors?  Will they react to water? Will they bleed through paint?  This is what I set out to learn as I played around with Scribble Sticks [...]

Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate thumbnail

Make Picasso style portraits in minutes on the Gelli Plate! For this months’ Colorful Gelli Print Party I am showing how easy it is to do.  Picasso was a master with lines, especially when creating faces.  But I am going to “cheat”.   I didn’t practice drawing.  I didn’t master the proportions of a face.  I went to [...]

Challenging the Inner Critic thumbnail

Getting started is the toughest part for me many days. Where do I start?  What do I make?  What colors do I use?  These are just questions from a cranky inner critic designed to keep me from getting to my creative side.   So, I decided I was going to shut that critic up by [...]

[DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS theme=”19″ size=”55″ function=”1″ animation=”bounce” opacity=”0.8″] Why did I need to be forgiven for my “French”- this car!  I saw it at an art fair and it blew my mind. There were several expletives I just couldn’t hold in.  The details and toys on this car- the more I looked the more I saw!    [...]

They were screaming. They were shouting.  There was stress.  Surprisingly,  there was no art happening.  I had a major infestation of gremlins that brought my creativity to a halt.   I had enough of these gremlins yelling at me.  Time for them to go.       I decided the best way to get rid [...]

Welcome to May’s Colorful Gelli Print Party!  The old layers of paint on an abandoned building inspired me.  I wanted to capture the build up of colors and layers.    Oh, and I wanted shimmer and shine too. So out came the Catalyst blade tool (#5 size 15),  Amsterdam paints  and the Golden gold paint I [...]

Remember mood rings? I thought they were so magical when I was a kid.  Well, I think my art journal is my newest mood ring.  I was feeling happy, really happy, almost like I was on top of the world.  It was a really great day. I grabbed a stack of Gelli Plate printing leftovers [...]

This journal page brought out my inner child which led to the lost teeth memories.  Granted, my inner child is not buried too deeply.  Especially since my inner child has been playing around getting everything ready for A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing!  It starts April 1st.  Lots are signed up to play.  Are you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10z492Oh_AE [...]

  Just playing around with my new Catalyst blades on scrap cardboard.  No pressure. Just random marks.  Maybe it will end up in an art journal? No idea where it would end up. I came back later that night and my great grandma appeared to me.  Not a ghost, but in the painting.  I remember [...]