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Now Is The Time

How Do You Know When An Art Journal Page is Finished? thumbnail

How do you know if an art journal page is finished?  Here’s my perspective on it.  It’s a very personal thing because what you create comes from your soul and is unique to you. When you look at it, if it feels finished, then it’s finished.  If it doesn’t feel finished, then it isn’t. You get the final say. That also means [...]

Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying thumbnail

Just because spray inks come with a nozzle for spraying, doesn’t mean you can only spray them. They can be used with a paint brush too.  In the video you’ll see an OOPS as well as some color mixing. https://youtu.be/LhLEOsQ2oWw Watch Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying on YouTube. Why the word “start”? It is [...]

Using a Spark of Art-spiration and Finding Bed Head Betsy thumbnail

Finding images inside free Sparks of Art-spiration is like spotting objects and characters in the clouds.  In this one, I saw Bed Head Betsy, a very happy woman waking up excited about the wonders the day holds for her. In the video, you can see how I bring the image out and use it to build an [...]

The Good Kind of Cleaning and a Hot Mess thumbnail

Cleaning and play can go hand in hand. Not house cleaning…but cleaning excess paint off stencils.  My fast and favorite way to clean off an inky or painty stencil, especially when gel printing, is by blotting it off on another surface like an art journal or in this case a wood panel. Since this is not the actual [...]

How Disco Helped Me Deal with an Ugly Art Journal Page thumbnail

What do I do with a hideous start to an art journal page? Call it an OOPS and add more layers!  An O.O.P.S. is an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly and little did I know that the word discover would take me to the 70’s and disco. https://youtu.be/gldjQyYT7wo Watch How I dealt with an ugly art [...]

Letting Myself Get Lost in my Art Journal thumbnail

Knowing where you are going can be overrated.  Granted, if you are an airplane pilot, it is critical you know where you are going.   But I’m not flying a plane, I am playing in an art journal wandering around without any clear plan. It all began by gluing down some pieces and parts.  One is [...]

Discovering What Can Happen thumbnail

Making a mess is all about discovering what can happen.  Sometimes, it’s more mess.  Sometimes, it’s something I love.  The fun is I never know which it will be when I start playing. This wood panel began with layers of texture.  No goal, no plan, no direction – just a mess of textures.  Those mica flakes [...]

I Didn’t Listen to the Words of Painting Wisdom thumbnail

There were words of painting wisdom that I just wouldn’t listen to as I played.  The muse kept whispering in my ear, “Let the paint dry.”  But didn’t want to stop playing to wait for anything to dry! I started with a scrap of cardboard, a piece of trash.  Why trash today?  Because this Let’s [...]

It’s no secret I love to play with art supplies so I was jumping for joy when I was invited to play with goodies from USArtQuest and Susan Pickering Rothamel and StencilGirl stencils!  It’s mixed media big time…I’m mixing together all different supplies in this one art journal page! I’m a huge fan of Susan [...]

As I stood in front of a plain and boring wall, my inner teenager hijacked my thoughts.   Total rebellion against the gray cement.  This wall needed some color and did it ever get some color! That first round of color was empowering.  The second and third were exhilarating.  I couldn’t have stopped if I [...]