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Fridge Poetry

Art Journaling with Felt thumbnail

What do I do when my muse keeps saying “You bought it, you might as well use it”? I use it! Today’s play involves 2 things I’ve bought and not used plus a bunch of O.O.P.S.ies! https://youtu.be/OZlgZTf5IUY It’s almost embarrassing how long I’ve had the felt shapes. How long? Could be at least 5 years [...]

A Silly Collage to Shake off Stress thumbnail

There was a stress intervention from the Muse at the request of my family. Grown up responsibilities had been getting the better of me.  As I played and added more layers to this collage, a ridiculous plot involving Alfred Hitchcock appeared.  The sillier the plot, the less stress I felt. https://youtu.be/7SulNBaTe8w Watch Shaking off stress with [...]

Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art thumbnail

This play came from that thing I wasn’t paying attention to, the scrap paper from cutting out hearts.  I liked the hearts I cut out, but I loved this paper so much so that this is what I used first!  The muse is rather tricky some days. https://youtu.be/i3R5e_IqelI Watch Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art [...]

  Ever wonder if the things around your art studio come to life when you aren’t there – like in Toy Story?  I am beginning to think that they really do.  This cluster of stuff all seemed to find each other over the course of several weeks as I worked on a variety of projects [...]

How to Seal PanPastels with a Gel Press Plate thumbnail

Building an art journal page with PanPastels is instant gratification.   No pesky waiting for the color dry.  But how do I seal PanPastels so they don’t smear and can pass a white glove test?  One way is with a gel printing plate! In the video, you’ll see how I built this steampunk page by combining pieces and [...]

How to use a can of compressed air in your art journal

It turns out that I have been using a cleaning product without even realizing it!  Compressed air is sold as a way of removing dust.  Never fear, I am not going to use it for cleaning. I am going to use it for art journaling in this week’s Let’s Play video. Once again, an Oops (Outstanding Opportunity [...]

Video comparing distress crayons and gelatos in an art journal with Carolyn Dube

After sharing my video experimenting with Distress Crayons, I had a lot of people asking me how they compared to Gelatos. So, I thought I’d try them out in a video side by side and see how similar or different they are. Disclaimer:  I am NOT a formally trained scientist adhering to strict rules of [...]

Video showing how to use a stencil to make word pebbles with Gelli printed® papers for the Let’s Play link party

Have any art supplies that haven’t been used in a while? I definitely do!  I’ve bought things, enjoyed them, and then somehow they just end up in the bottom of a drawer for a very long time. But not today! I’m going to use one them, glass floral marbles which have been collecting dust in [...]

  There is one important thing to remember when Gelli printing with words.  It’s a biggie.  And I forget it all the time.  How could I forget something so important?  I get into a Gelli printing zone and my brain turns off and lets me create from the heart. What’s the important thing I forget? [...]

When I create, the art starts to talk to me.  As I added the deli paper words to this mixed media canvas, I found it very telling that the only word to not go down “properly”, “correctly”, or “perfectly” of these 3 was dare. Dare is a strong word to me…Dare to try.  Dare to [...]