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The Silliest Thing Got Me to Like My Art Journal Page thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BJPPoDLhW5o Ever make an art journal page where you don’t like it no matter how many layers you add? Nothing seemed to work and it had a lot to do with the serious mood I was in (and it was for no particular reason). Thankfully, something unexpected snapped me out of this headspace and suddenly [...]

Video sharing how to redo an art journal page with Carolyn Dube

Did I have fun making this page the first time? You bet!  Did I think it was all finished then? Yes!  Can I change my mind and redo this page?  Absolutely! I give myself permission to do over any art journal page I want. There was a time when I was overly judgmental about going back [...]

Using some of that cardboard all around and scraps on the counter, a very silly story involving eggs and Santa is revealed through art journaling play for the Let’s Play link party!

Amazon boxes mean cardboard is everywhere thanks to some last minute shopping…which means I have a cheap and plentiful place to paint and play.   A little Santa on my counter that was left over from another day’s play (you can see it here) sparked the silly story to come.  I never know where my mind [...]

The holidays have arrived faster than I realized…and I am running late getting my nephew’s advent calendar together.  The fact that I have zero holiday wrapping paper isn’t a problem because I am going to make my own.  But I needed to get this mailed out yesterday…so I need to get lots of wrapping paper [...]

What happens when Carolyn Dube listens to happy 70’s music while art journaling?  Check out the video!

I was under the influence of the 70’s while I made this art journal spread.  The music was blaring and my muse stopped by to spark my play by making this floral Gelli print® call to me from a stack of prints. If you’ve ever used a Gelli Plate®, you know how easy it is to [...]

A Gelli Plate® and stencils make plain brown bags colorful goodie bags

The Gelli Plate® turned plain brown lunch bags into colorful goodie bags for my upcoming workshops at Stampaway. I played with some of new stencils that were just released from StencilGirl – and I’m giving a set of them away.  You can get entered to win here. I just went to town with all sorts [...]

Love adding pattern to tags with stencils!

Sometimes I just play around without a plan.  I know, you’re shocked.  That’s how all 3 of these tags came about – just random play with Pebbles Layer Me, Iron Grate Layer Me, and Connected Eyes Layer Me stencils. The muse gave me the imperfect vibe today so I went loose with the paints.  That means getting paint under the [...]

Video playing it loose with a stencil and paint on a junk mail envelope with Carolyn Dube

I’m playing it fast and loose with a stencil and paint on a junk mail envelope. It was the end of the day and I wanted to use up my leftover paints.   When time is short, anything within reach is fair game for me…and this was what I grabbed! When I go loose…there is usually [...]

Video using baby wipes and a stencil in my art journal

I’m about to say something surprising…I’m giving away one of my new stencils and the details are below.  But that isn’t what surprised me.   Brown…I used brown.  Are you surprised?  I know I am!  And…get this…I apparently liked it so much that I had to wipe off the paint way more than I ever expected.  [...]

Stencils are versatile.  Why? Because you can use them how you like.  Use the whole thing at once or use bits and pieces of it. That flexibility is what keeps me using stencils over and over and over.  I’m sharing the fun by giving away one of my new stencils too!  Be sure to keep [...]