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What if an idea doesn’t make sense? thumbnail

Ever get a crazy idea that just doesn’t make any sense to you? When you’re art journaling, ideas can be nonsense – so follow them! In the video, you’ll see what idea got stuck in my head plus when I had a great big case of hesistation– and why that’s a good thing! https://youtu.be/Mnv-R6EwKgU Is [...]

Hello 2019 thumbnail

As 2018 comes to a close, the circle begins again and we get another trip around the sun- hello 2019! Thank you for making 2018 such a fun year- and here’s to 2019 having, even MORE play in it! Here are a few of my most popular videos and posts as we take a look [...]

O.O.P.S.!  I put way too much paint on my palette for my last project.  Not a mistake.  Not a fail.  It won’t be wasted because it is just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly for more play with stencils! I even turned this one into a free Spark of Art-spiration…so you can play too!  You can [...]

When does the muse show up and inspire me? After I have started.  It’s as if starting is her invitation to join me so that means I need to start. No matter what it is, the important thing is to just start. I grabbed plain old cardboard from a shipping box as a place to start [...]

How to Seal PanPastels with a Gel Press Plate thumbnail

Building an art journal page with PanPastels is instant gratification.   No pesky waiting for the color dry.  But how do I seal PanPastels so they don’t smear and can pass a white glove test?  One way is with a gel printing plate! In the video, you’ll see how I built this steampunk page by combining pieces and [...]

Video sharing how to use mesh from the hardware store as a texture tool on the Gelli plate®  to create a background for a very silly art journal page for this week’s Let’s Play link party by Carolyn Dube

Play: Mission Impossible or Mission Possible?  2016’s Let’s Play is all about sharing how I have learned to play so I chose to accept the mission from the muse! This week’s Let’s Play video, I found an art supply at the hardware store, Mesh Drywall tape. How does the hardware store help me play?  There is [...]

22¢.  That’s a price I can get excited about!  This metal washer was only 22¢ so a handful cost less than a gallon of gas! One of the ways I found to help myself play was to use things from the hardware store.  They’re often cheap…like today…I can get as many I could possibly want, and [...]

Video capturing the artistic battle between the right and left sides of Carolyn’s brain as she makes an art journal page on a Gelli print!

Time was on my mind  around the start of new year and I wanted to capture that in an art journal page.  Start of the new year?  It’s March!  Well, this video got lost in my files and I just found it again.  Better late than never! Little did I know when I started this page, that [...]

Video full of tips and tricks for Gelli printing® as she uses the round plates in an art journal with a round stencil!

Put a Gelli Plate® and a stencil in my hands and I just can’t stop playing!  This was supposed to be just one page..or that was my plan..but I didn’t want to stop…so it became 2 pages of play! Today, I’m not the only one playing around, so is Mary Beth Shaw over at StencilGirl [...]

Video making a cardboard journal with a perpetual calendar for each month

I want to be the type of person who chronicles every day in a scrapbook or planner or journal.  Reality check…I’m not.  I might do it a few days, then miss a bunch, then do it again, but by March, I am usually so far behind that I never pick it up again.  But what I [...]