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A Colorful Gelli Print Party

This month's Colorful Gelli Print Party is brought to you by a party...party fork that is!  One of the many reasons I love the Gelli Plate® is that you can use just about anything with it, including a plastic fork to create quick texture. I'm also mixing the Deco Arts fluid acrylics right on the 4" [...]

Video showing different ways you can use a round Gelli Plate as both a mask and for printing!

  I went round and round for this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party!  And that is a great thing!  Why? Because it was so much fun to play with the 4" round Gelli Plate. While playing around...who should show up? But a child!  Makes sense since I felt like a little kid myself! And he [...]

Video using Liquitex Paint Pens for Gelli Printing

It's experimentation time!  For this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party, I am playing with Liquitex Paint Markers on the Gelli Plate.  The paint pens are water based acrylic paint (at least I think they are) so I wondered if they would work for Gelli printing.  And they did!   http://youtu.be/uSg9IT0l4Zw Watch Trying Liquitex Paint Markers on a [...]

A Colorful Gelli Print Party video tutorial using rope to make your own texture tool for Gelli Printing

Just about anything can become a tool to use for Gelli Printing.  A bit of rope, glue, and cardboard have endless possibilities on the Gelli Plate. Check out the video for this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party to see how easy this is to make! http://youtu.be/TJvU3tIhuJs Watch Making a Rope Texture Tool for Gelli Printing on [...]

Gelli Printing on Ornaments

Gelli Printing on Ornaments thumbnail

Printing on Ornaments

  For this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party I'm taking some plain ornaments from boring to rainbow thanks to the Gelli Plate!  In just a few minutes and in only 2 layers, it looks like there was a lot more work put into these sleds I found buried in the back of a closet.   [...]

No Stress Play with Picasso In the Art Journal thumbnail

Who needs a deadline!  Who needs the stress of having to finish right now!  I sure don't!   But I used to think I was required to finish in one session.  Shockingly, that led to creativity crushing stress. I decided that stress was not what I wanted so just rewrote the rules and gave myself permission to work in [...]

Using Free Stuff on the Gelli Plate thumbnail

There is free stuff all around that is just begging to be used on the Gelli Plate!    A recent stay in a hotel room provided me lots of free goodies that I thought would be cool to use on the Gelli Plate!  So, for this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party I decided to bring it all home [...]

Stickers and Shimmer on a Gelli Plate! thumbnail

  Did you know you can put stickers on a Gelli Plate?  For this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party it's all about stickers, shimmering paints, and circles!     I don't waste a drop of paint- especially this incredible paint (can you tell I am in love?).  In the video, you'll see how I add [...]

Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate

Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate thumbnail

Make Picasso style portraits in minutes on the Gelli Plate! For this months' Colorful Gelli Print Party I am showing how easy it is to do.  Picasso was a master with lines, especially when creating faces.  But I am going to "cheat".   I didn't practice drawing.  I didn't master the proportions of a face.  I went to [...]

Doing the Twist with a Gelli Plate for this Month’s Party! thumbnail

Welcome to this month’s Colorful Gelli Print Party! This month we’re making a simple tool that creates fantastic patterns on the Gelli Plate with just a simple twist! Check out the video to see how much fun an empty vitamin bottle can be!  http://youtu.be/WXcXWzFofq8 Watch Using a Twisting Tool on the Gelli Plate on YouTube.   [...]