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paint pouring

Two Reasons to Love Paint Pouring thumbnail

https://youtu.be/geeM-p4jmJ8 There are 2 big reasons to love paint pouring. One, it’s mesmerizing when the color flows out the cup. Two, the freedom. There’s no wrong way to do it, so each person can pour in the way that makes them happiest. If you’re new to paint pouring, you’ve probably got a bunch of questions [...]

Paint Pouring an IKEA Table & Create a Conversation Piece thumbnail

https://youtu.be/hPOmsrxyTHo A piece of white IKEA furniture and turning it into a conversation piece of art. There was a step that I skipped that led to a problem later on but I don’t regret it one bit! You’ll see why at the very end of the video Even though both our cups look different, we [...]

Paint Pouring with a Martini Glass thumbnail

What kind of paint pouring would James Bond do? A dirty pour with a martini glass of course! It’s not shaken or stirred, it’s layered! https://youtu.be/FbnsoK_pu2E What’s in the martini glass? Acrylic paint and Fleotrol from the hardware store. If you’re new to paint pouring and wonder how much pouring medium to use or how [...]

Make Secret Messages in Your Paint Pourings thumbnail

https://youtu.be/WKbf5isVwqk There’s a heartfelt “secret” message for my daughter hidden underneath this paint pouring that lets her know exactly how I feel about her. When it’s dry, you’ll have to look at the canvas at an angle to see the words. To do this you’ll need 2 main things. First, something to write the message [...]

Making Silly Creatures from Your Paint Pouring thumbnail

Paint pouring can make drawing easier. Really! Create playful creatures without the pressure to get proportions “right” or any other intimidating facets of drawing. How? By finding shapes in the cells of a poured painting. https://youtu.be/P7cy2Htm-wo You start with any poured canvas. The more cells the better for finding characters and creatures in there. If [...]

The Christmas Card Plan Didn’t Go as Planned thumbnail

Handmade Christmas cards.  I wanted to send them this year, and I had a rock solid, easy to make, guaranteed to work plan in my head! Easy to cut, quick to make. You know what that means- things definitely won’t follow the plan!  And then there was the over thinking. Oh, was there over thinking! O.O.P.S.! https://youtu.be/nAOR8Y1mrc0 [...]

Maybe I Went Too Far with a 6 Cup Dirty Pour thumbnail

Maybe I went too far with a 6 cup dirty pour.  But it was so much fun to just let that paint pour out!  I’d been experimenting with some new ideas and had mixed up a ton of paint when my inner teenager showed up. One of these cups would have been enough.  2 is [...]

Paint Pouring Palooza in person workshop thumbnail

Paint Pouring Palooza is a one day workshop filled with the rainbow!  Join me for this in-person workshop where you’ll make ten canvases, giving you hands-on experience with multiple pouring techniques.  I’ll walk your through each technique step-by-step so that you will make canvases that make people say WOW! And have a ton of fun in the process! [...]

Paint Pouring on a Mailbox thumbnail

Sure, I’ve wanted to paint my mailbox for years.  It was a basic, cheap white mailbox and I knew paint could make it fabulous.  But none of the ideas I had before actually got me to paint the thing, until now! https://youtu.be/egpCVKMGmQM Watch Paint Pouring a Mailbox on YouTube. Want to know more about paint [...]

Turning an Acrylic Skin into an Art Journal Page thumbnail

When you’re doing paint pouring, the paint often runs over the edge and into the box below. Is that paint wasted? NOPE! It becomes an acrylic skin that can be used in other art and play.  What can you do with that skin?  Lots!  In this video, I’m sharing how to use it as the background [...]