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Make Secret Messages in Your Paint Pourings

There’s a heartfelt “secret” message for my daughter hidden underneath this paint pouring that lets her know exactly how I feel about her. When it’s dry, you’ll have to look at the canvas at an angle to see the words.

To do this you’ll need 2 main things. First, something to write the message with, I used dimensional fabric paint. That brought back memories in the 80’s of puff painting t-shirts! Next you’ll need paint and pouring medium mixture. To make it easy to apply I put it in condiment squeeze bottles.

What’s in the bottles? Acrylic paint mixed with Floetrol from a hardware store. If you’re new to paint pouring and want to know how it all works from setting up your space to mixing the paints to making pours, then get my free Paint Pouring Guide.

Once you write the words on there, it’s very very important that the words are completely dry before going on to the next step, the color!

Squirt a bunch of paint directly on the canvas. It’s quite freeing to just squirt paint all willy nilly on there! Add layers until you’ve got the canvas filled.

This is very forgiving and you don’t need a “perfect” amount of paint. In the video you saw that I didn’t have enough so I just added more.

To create the cells, take a palette knife or something similar, and swipe. This will completely change how the canvas looks.

Over the next few minutes, it will continue to change, with more cells appearing.

So where is the secret message? You can’t see it at all here because the paint is wet. But it will appear as it dries.

This technique works best with Floetrol because of the way it dries. The paint is pulled very flat on the canvas so that when it is dry then you can see the raised words.

If you look closely at the dried canvas below, you can see the letter I and m. This is a very subtle look when the canvas is on the wall. Unless you’re looking at the canvas at an angle most won’t even notice it. That’s why it’s a secret message.

Here’s the canvas ready to go on the wall. You might notice the word “of” on the bottom left.

So now when my daughter goes by this canvas on her wall she will be reminded that I’m proud of her.

If you’re ever looking for a personalized gift to give, try adding a secret message to a paint pouring!

If you’d like to know how to do paint pouring, I’ve got a free downloadable guide for you here.

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