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Studio Tour thumbnail

Welcome to my art studio, my play place. As you watch the studio tour, you’ll notice 2 big themes. 1. Keep as much out where you can easily see it. 2. Lumber from the hardware store can do all sorts of things! Did I always have this much space so that there was a splash [...]

OOPS, The Epic Journey of Doubt and Play thumbnail

Going from the blank canvas to a finished one can feel like the the 12 trials of Hercules, an epic journey.  I had a gesso’d canvas, actually a wood panel, fully prepared to tackle the challenges that were waiting as I began playing. The first challenge happened when I started layering some colors and pattern and it looked hideous [...]

The Flawed Thoughts that Kept Me Stuck thumbnail

I was stuck and couldn’t decide what to paint.  I wanted to play, to create, but nothing was inspiring me.  I was looking for the inspiration before I started, a huge flaw in my thinking.  Sure, it is great to be inspired before starting, but that wasn’t happening today. So what did I do to get [...]

The process of purging my art studio, getting rid of unused supplies, and finding a few messages along the way by Carolyn Dube

Ever spend an entire afternoon searching for that one thing you know you have but can’t seem to find?  After spending an embarrassingly long time looking I had to laugh at myself. This is why I prefer to use what is within arms reach, there is no search and rescue team needed for that! It was time to [...]

How I got my creative mojo back using my least favorite color

My inner critic was relentlessly running roughshod over my mojo.  My broken ankle was healing just fine but my creative bones seemed unable to go back to the way they were.  Turns out just as the ankle needed rehab, so did my mojo. It was like there was big cloud following me around blocking out [...]

Been a bit stressed lately. Ever felt that way?   I promised more than I was able to do- I wanted to be superwoman, but I’m not.  I am a regular human. I have to see this through so I have to find a way to get through it.  It is almost over but almost [...]

I am a bit biased but page 120 is my favorite in the summer 2012 issue of Studios. Why? Because it is my studio! But I have a confession- I must unburden my soul to all my friends from  Creative Every Day and Inspire Me Monday.  My studio never looks that clean unless it is [...]

Once again, I learn a valuable lesson from my kids- on vacation no less!  My oldest daughter has had a fear of fish for quite some time.  Whenever we were vacationing at the ocean she was so preoccupied with the threat of fish that she missed out on the bliss an ocean brings.  She sucked [...]

What would you think if you cracked open a fortune cookie and read this?  It is like the universe has sent me a message to go cause some trouble!  Now I know I need to find another art retreat to cause trouble at this summer! When I went to Inspired there was one teacher that [...]

My eldest daughter asked me if this old journal was mine & if I wanted it back.  I totally recognized it.  It had been a half birthday gift from my mother.   She’s been gone a long time, but she manages to be a continuing part of our lives. Written on the inside cover was “Recieved [...]