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Making Tissue Paper Words & The Shoulds thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BBVg92dSuuM When I have an art journal page that just isn’t working, even after multiple attempts, I just cover most of it up. In this case, with black paint. But what to do next with the page? That’s where tissue paper came in handy. I stenciled words onto tissue paper using my Verbage stencil. Then [...]

The Silliest Thing Got Me to Like My Art Journal Page thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BJPPoDLhW5o Ever make an art journal page where you don’t like it no matter how many layers you add? Nothing seemed to work and it had a lot to do with the serious mood I was in (and it was for no particular reason). Thankfully, something unexpected snapped me out of this headspace and suddenly [...]

An Adventure of an Art Journal Page thumbnail

This art journal page was quite an adventure and along the way there were two things that became very clear. One was I should never ever under any circumstance be a cosmetic surgeon. And two, weird stories can show up in your art journal. Grab a drink and join me for a silly little adventure! [...]

Botanical Gel Printing with Crazy Daisies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/fYVuVIpuTOw Botanical gel printing captures all the delicate details of flowers. Even on bouquets that are on their last leg wilting and with petals falling off, like this one of crazy daisies. The prints created are gorgeously black and white but I couldn’t leave them without color. Keep reading and you’ll see how adding color [...]

Art Journaling & The Silly Conversation in my Head thumbnail

A silly conversation happened while playing in my art journal. It wasn’t about how I decide when to stop adding layers or the fancy close the page technique- although both of these are in the video. It had to do with how I started painting the buildings on the page and why that triggered that [...]

I Couldn’t Pick Just 1 Word thumbnail

The start of a new year brings the tradition of choosing a word to guide the year. But just one? That was just too tough this year, so I picked a dozen of them. Since I don’t like rules, I love getting around them on a technicality. See how I rationalized it in the video. [...]

Alcohol Inks on a Gel Plate thumbnail

What happens when you add drops of alcohol inks on a gel plate? Fun and colorful prints! I’ve got a step-by-step video including how making 1 little change impacts what the final print looks like! https://youtu.be/heDVDvfw_lQ Add your alcohol inks onto the gel plate. I love using Marabu inks for this because they are so [...]

Alcohol Inks on Mica thumbnail

Use alcohol inks to make a dreamy rainbow of color on mica and see how to attach something see through without seeing the glue! https://youtu.be/8gRsQ0GtK2w But what if you don’t have mica? You can use anything that’s glossy or non absorbent, like an office transparency. There are 2 things I love about Marabu’s Alcohol inks. [...]

Stretching Your Stencils thumbnail

One of great things about stencils is the flexibility to create a variety of looks. One of the ways you can do this is by “stretching” a stencil – taking something short and making it tall. https://youtu.be/ibzN7rBdE4w Today’s play began with a background in my journal. This was made many moons ago and you can [...]

How to Deal with the Blank Page thumbnail

What can you do when you’re staring at a blank page wondering what you should do? Get started. But how do you decide where to start? One way is by using an free Art Play Prompt. https://youtu.be/-I9_ExjiEAI Art Play Prompts are a place to start or a jumping off point for your play. There are [...]