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Getting the Most from Your Stencil Masks thumbnail

How can you get the most from your masks when stenciling? By letting them do the hard work because masks can make things easier! https://youtu.be/Q9jnmoBlc8E The Silly Silas and Sigmund stencil set includes 3 masks and the stencil. That gives you a lot of flexibility so these crazy characters do just what you need. Using [...]

Tree of OOPSies thumbnail

This wasn’t a color in the lines kind of a day or one where things went as planned. Was that a bad thing? Not when I’m playing with stencils and art crayons! https://youtu.be/NVUw5YaC-ZE The tone of the play was decided right here as I stenciled the Modern Tree, designed by Mary Beth Shaw. I thought [...]

Making Art Dolls with a Stencil thumbnail

Stenciling I know. Sewing, not so much. Taking Home Economics in middle school 30+ years ago can only help you so much. But how hard could this be to take a stencil and turn it into dolls? Famous last words. The stencil used to make these art dolls was inspired by Henri Matisse’s The Dance [...]

Stenciled and Sprayed! New In-Person Workshop thumbnail

How would you like to turn a cheap plain t-shirt into something artsy & one of a kind? Join me for Stenciled and Sprayed where you will be turning shirts, aprons, canvas totes, heck, anything fabric or cloth you want to bring, into works of art. When people say, “OMG, where Did You Buy That?!” [...]

The Unexpected Collage thumbnail

It was an unexpected collage that happened in today’s play that started out with intense frustration. Frustration that came from a computer challenge where I was at the point of either getting a sledgehammer or my art supplies to deal with it. Sure, I got my frustration out through play but just when I thought [...]

What Happens When You Add Colorful Spray to White IKEA Stuffed Animals? FUN! thumbnail

IKEA is one of those places I should never be left unattended. I find all sorts of things that I never knew I needed until that moment.  Like the big bin of cute little white mice. But they were a whopping $1 and adorable. BUT they were all white.  I began to wonder if I could use a little fabric spray [...]

Is it Good or Bad to Be Impatient when Art Journaling? thumbnail

Is it good or bad to be impatient?  Back before I had gray hair, I used to think it was a bad thing to be impatient.  But my impatience about waiting for a background to dry led to an even better than what I had planned.  In this video, I’m also sharing what I’m doing now [...]

Waiting for that Perfect Idea thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s all about wanting and waiting for that perfect idea.  Perhaps you’ve been wishing waiting for that too.  I was treasuring an art journal page and waiting for that “perfect” idea to appear out of thin air. After waiting quite a while, I realized  play was the perfect idea! So I grabbed what was nearby [...]

Easy Marbling thumbnail

There are only 3 steps to making these marbled papers. To get set up, all you need to do is put plain old tap water into a container then get ready to have fun playing! Sprinkle on the Easy Marble. Swirl the color around with a toothpick. Put your paper on the water and lift [...]

Transforming an Ugly Background thumbnail

Ever have trouble covering up a background?  That didn’t happen here. Starting with an ugly background makes it easy to cover up.  What did I use to cover it up?  Stencil masks.  They transformed the background that was yuck into colorful creatures. Feel free to chuckle about what my daughter pointed out to me in [...]