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Scribble Scratch

7 Practical Reasons I Use Stencils on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/4jOlhoipFV4 There are 7 practical reasons why I gel print with stencils. These are in no particular order, except my #1 reason. It might be a bit controversial as a practical reason, but it is the most important thing I get from gel printing. 7. Speed! Using a gel plate is the fastest way have [...]

Home Decor Rescue Mission Accomplished! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/CW82F_DEt8I These old, dingy mini lampshades needed to be replaced or rescued. So I grabbed my Gel Press plate and rescued them! The first thing that had to go was the yellowing from age color. Adding two colors of blue with a gel plate quickly covered up that drab old color. To get the pattern [...]

It’s Handy to Use Acrylic Gouache in an Art Journal thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s art journaling in the giant, jumbo, vintage ledger- which finally has a name!  As I’m painting the page and tree, you’ll see why acrylic gouache was so handy plus how the Scribble Scratch stencil made leaves on the tree too. At the end of the video, you’ll see how [...]

Spray Painting an Old Bike thumbnail

When my favorite bike began to fall apart, I decided to add a touch of color and pattern to it.  Actually, I rainbowized it. Now the spray painted and stenciled bike sits outside my studio year round. I’m rainbowizing an old bike with a touch of color and a few stencils…stencils from @stencilgirl_products . . . #artplay [...]

Spray Painting Cardboard and Making a Mask thumbnail

The joy of going to IKEA for me is the packaging, giant pieces of cardboard.   It becomes a ridiculously long surface to art on and because it is so big, I need a way to do it quickly.  After all, patience is not one of my virtues yet.  Out come the spray paints! https://youtu.be/aPptF35BbNw Watch Spray painting with [...]

Quick Gift with a Gel Print thumbnail

Need an excuse to play? I mean an idea for a quick gift? While braving the holiday crowds at WalMart, I happened upon these Cool Gear coloring cups…an insulated cup that you can put put any image into. It is sold with coloring pages in it which you can see in the video, but I inserted a gel [...]

Using Gel Prints to Make a Holiday Card thumbnail

What can you do with a stack of papers made while gel printing?  One thing is make a fun and fast holiday card. In the video, you’ll see how it was inspired by a sweater and that there was not a thought of measuring.  After all, I’m not a precise type of card maker. https://youtu.be/bj5WQ0Lnzdo Watch [...]

“You’d be so good at vandalism Mom!”  Hmm…maybe I need to rethink the example I am setting for my children….nah!  Everyone should grab a can of spray paints and let loose occasionally!  Nothing seems to be safe here from the paint lately at our house. The neighbors haven’t rioted yet with all the color.  As [...]

As I stood in front of a plain and boring wall, my inner teenager hijacked my thoughts.   Total rebellion against the gray cement.  This wall needed some color and did it ever get some color! That first round of color was empowering.  The second and third were exhilarating.  I couldn’t have stopped if I [...]

PanPastels + a Stencil = an Easy Background thumbnail

Have you played with PanPastels yet?  I love them because I never have to wait for them to dry, they are so rich and loaded with vibrant color, and I can just smear them around without any planning. Check out this giveaway!  PanPastels, a storage tray, Mary Beth’s favorite sponges with stencils (which StencilGirl now carries) [...]