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Go Be Magic with a Pink Unicorn in an Art Journal thumbnail

Would I like to play with Totem Poppets they asked.  The name alone sounded fun to me!  When the goodies arrived in my mailbox, I realized how customizable these animals are…which means freedom!  I can make them whatever I want.  Wish these were around when my kids were little, oh the possibilities.  Since my kids are [...]

Can You Use Fabric on the Gelli Plate-YES! thumbnail

Can you use fabric on the Gelli Plate? Absolutely! The white fabric I used was very very affordable, actually might be called cheap.  I have used heavier fabrics and they work well also. This is up a few days early – hope no one minds…In the video, I’m using regular acrylic paints on fabric.  To [...]

Making Pins to Trade at Art Is You thumbnail

I was running behind schedule. There wasn’t much time.  But there was no way I was going to miss out on the fun of trades at Art Is You.  Trades are a a little something you trade with other people at the retreat. There are no rules for this which allows each and every person [...]

Sealing PanPastels with a Spray Ink? Yes! thumbnail

  This was a total accident, an Oops of the best kind, that led to this discovery!  As I ran around the house, shouting Eureka, my family just looked at me like I was a crazy woman….But I know you will understand the glee I felt when I realized thatbthe Color Bloom spray ink was sealing PanPastels in my [...]