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Learning to Dance

Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal thumbnail

The play almost didn’t happen today. That logical left brain of mine was having a control freak kind of a day and things were being taken way too seriously. What rescued me? What got me playing?  My Permission to Play art journal! https://youtu.be/J-mHpov572Y Watch Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal on YouTube. Want to make [...]

Journey of a Thousand OOPSies in my Art Journal thumbnail

O.O.P.S. was a word said more than once on this art journal page and near the end, that word was coming fast and furious.  O.O.P.S. isn’t a mistake, quite the opposite, since it means an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. In the video, you’ll see how I get myself into a quandary with the very first step and how that turns [...]

art journaling video sharing how to be inspired by an everyday pattern

I had a plan that was inspired by a pattern on the sidewalk I noticed when I was on a bike ride. It was a crazy crazy plan.  It involved precision.  Straight lines and measuring. If this was a movie, you’d hear the ominous music playing. But this isn’t a scary movie, it’s play inspired by the everyday, this month’s Let’s [...]

Rainbows or Rain Drama with my Inner Critic thumbnail

What do I do about critical thoughts in my head?  Do I let them rain on my play?  Those judgmental thoughts..the inner critic…gremlins…no matter what name it goes by it used to squash my play.  But it doesn’t any more and I’m sharing how one word can chase those thoughts away. My inner critic shows up as a [...]

An art journal page inspired by a Gelli Print®

I am a very careful planner.  I think 20 steps ahead.  Creating for me is very calculated and controlled. I can’t even type that with a straight face.  I am the polar opposite of a controlled planner when I play.  But you’ll see where I got stuck making this and how a penny rescued me!     [...]

Find out how to get a carefully lined up look to your stenciled card making without having to use a ruler video tutorial by Carolyn Dube

The muse inspired me with rainbow rain and she wanted it nice and straight and measured.  All I was all in until the measured part…but I did get the look of measuring without going any where near a ruler.  How? I let the stencil do all the hard work! This 4×4 raindrop stencil is part of [...]

How to use Tim Holtz tissue wrap, a rubber stamp with paint, and stencils in an art journal for this week’s Let’s Play video!

Once I started looking around my studio for neglected supplies, I found there are plenty of them.  The good news is that it gives me plenty of ways to let myself play! For this week’s Let’s Play link party, I’m using Tim Holtz’s Tissue Wrap. How does showing some love to neglected supplies help me play? [...]

Video tutorial sharing how to use masks and stencils to make a colorful art  journal page by Carolyn Dube

What inspires me to make a stencil? It can be anything.  In fact, I never know what will spark the muse until it happens.  What sparked my latest designs at StencilGirl Products?  Dancers! After watching a classical ballet performance, I was struck by all the effort, the hard work, and the commitment that goes in to being a [...]