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A hand carved stamp and a powerful word to create a heartfelt card

It takes courage to raise your hand and ask a question.  No matter if you are asking a teacher, a public speaker, or yourself, it takes courage to ask.  What question was I asking today?  Can I make something without color?  Could I go black and white and love it as much as I love creating [...]

What’s the play for today?  I’m going mixed media card making today with goodies from  USArtQuest  and StencilGirl Products for a blog hop! You probably know that blog hop means giveaway so be sure to check out the details at the end. In the video, you see me make the very careful and precise background with the Perfect [...]

  This all started by cleaning off my paintbrush.  On an index card.  And then letting it sit on my counter for days (okay weeks – I don’t like to clean…) And then all the sudden, out of the blue it became a card.  And very quickly too!     A piece of paper cut [...]

Leftovers.  I hated them as a kid.  Especially when my parents would mix everything all together to make dinner.  Now, I love leftovers. Not the kind you eat, but the artful kind in the studio.  The kind of leftovers that make me try something that I hadn’t thought about before, like the neon with the darker teal [...]

Video Using Craft Attitude with Metal from Walnut Hollow

Craft Attitude solved a big problem for me.  My problem of getting rich color on metal that won’t smear.  I don’t have a lot of metal paints and that doesn’t matter any more! Keep reading because this is a blog hop so there’s lots of inspiration and a giveaway too! I printed out one of [...]

Video using gel medium as a resist with a stencil and clearsnap inks

Putting some shimmer with some flat matte color today for the Clearsnap and StencilGirl blog hop as I create and color a stencil resist!     Be on the lookout for one of my weird personal quirks as you watch the video.  I didn’t even realize it until I went back to do the voiceover. [...]

A Painted Deli Paper Birthday Card thumbnail

I needed a birthday card and I just wanted to play in my studio.  So, how can I do both?  By making an oversized card myself!   A great bonus of making the card, I was both happy when I made it and happy when I gave it. I used things like Deli Paper and [...]

    Seth Apter has outdone himself with his stencils for StencilGirl Products!  There are so many possibilities in each and every one of them!  What I love about it is I can pick and choose the parts that I want for each project I am doing.  In the video you’ll notice how many colors [...]

Happy play with my Gelli Plate and Stencil Girl stencils today!  Jessica Sporn’s Jump for Joy stencil made me so happy as I experimented on envelopes from a huge stash I found buried in a cabinet recently. You  know when there is a test drive there are going to others playing too!  Stop on by [...]

I haven’t done many swaps, but for some reason I’m doing several right now!  These are my bird cards for a Brave Girls Swap!  Clearly, I wanted something colorful! For the birds I wanted them raised but the paper was too thin to use pop dots or foam tape.  So, I cut fun foam in [...]