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artist tape

    Seth Apter has outdone himself with his stencils for StencilGirl Products!  There are so many possibilities in each and every one of them!  What I love about it is I can pick and choose the parts that I want for each project I am doing.  In the video you’ll notice how many colors [...]

Nathalie Kalbach has outdone herself with her Elephant March stencil for StencilGirl Products!  I am in love with it for so many reasons.  All the texture in it, all the different patterns hidden in this beauty, and all the fun titles and quotes that go with an elephant!   Not to mention the memories I [...]

When I saw Pam Carriker’s designs for Stencil Club I fell in love.  Not with Pam, I’m already in love with her work, with Frida!  I must confess I hadn’t really understood all the buzz about Frida until I had a chance to play with her. I do so love that every month a new [...]

I was honored to be in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio and I wondered what could top that.  Now I know what tops that- seeing what people have made with their artists tape!  Have you played with artist tape?  I’d love to see what you’ve made! These are from Muriel Chapelle.  I am in [...]

Just a quick post today- lots to be done and not enough time…The sunshine lately has just brought on a sense of  joy that led  me to start playing around again with my hardware store punchinella. It is such an inexpensive supply – especially since it is self adhesive! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV2vbP41YWw I made a huge sheet [...]

Thank you all for your kind words as I celebrate my first article in Somerset Studio!  Good news is always better when it is shared with friends.  As I am writing this I am deep in negotiations with YouTube, my internet provider, and my computer. Apparently there is discord in my electronic world and they [...]

I owe so much of who I am to my mother.  Even though breast cancer took her from me long ago  her impact, the lessons she taught me, her voice (which I hear in my head too often), her zest for life continue to be with me.  As I celebrate my artist tape article in [...]


Thanks for stopping by for my celebration of my artist tape article in Somerset Studio’s March/April issue! This is an old yearbook page cut down to fit in my junk journal.  As I looked at the people on the page, I began to think about all the wonderful people I have in my life.  Each [...]

Thanks for stopping by as I celebrate my artist tape in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio  This whole week is dedicated to using the artist tape. When I create with my artist tape I often have little bits left over.  I hate to waste it since it was so much fun to make- almost [...]

I have wanted to be in Somerset Studio for a very long time but strangely I haven’t been in it before now. If I didn’t submit any art to them I was never going to be in the magazine.  Rocket science?  So I finally submitted.   A few days ago my complimentary copy of Somerset Studio [...]