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Love adding pattern to tags with stencils!

Sometimes I just play around without a plan. I know, you’re shocked. That’s how all 3 of these tags came about – just random play with Pebbles Layer Me, Iron Grate Layer Me, and Connected Eyes Layer Me stencils. The muse gave me the imperfect vibe today so I went loose with the paints. That means getting paint under the [...]

There was something fishy about the story that my muse popped into my head as I was playing. So fishy in fact, that I began to think about the plausibility of the story. My logical left brain jumped in while I was playing. That did not go so well until my inner teenager with ample [...]

  I like color. I know you are shocked since it is such a well kept secret that I like color….Well today I am playing in the stencil hop with Pam Carriker’s Primary, Secondary, Tertiary color wheel stencil for StencilGirl Products.     I started with a tag by gluing on some old writing and [...]

What roller coaster ride my muse took me on today! I had a great idea to get me started- to use the blotter paper from my counter top with Jamie Fingal’s House stencil from StencilGirl Products. That part worked very very well…   And I was very happy with it.           [...]

I was not in my right mind. Really. I was in my left brain, the logical and analytical brain. I wanted to be in my right brain, the creative and intuitive brain. How was I going to make that big leap into my right brain? Gelli Plate to the rescue! Squirting paint on the Gelli [...]


Oops has become my favorite word! As I create I make all sorts of mistakes but I don’t like how harsh “mistake” sounds so I call them “oops”. A silly word that I can’t take too seriously because really, are any of my art mistakes something to worry about? NO! Does worrying about them help [...]

I had a visitor yesterday, a cute fuzzy squirrel! He sat up there chewing on a nut and I managed to snap a photo through the window but the second I opened the door he scattered. I managed to get the message he brought: Enjoy the moment (and if you try to hard to capture [...]

The heavy rain that has been turning roads into swimming pools became my inspiration when I found a poem called Mud Puddles in my Quick Quotes stash. I decided to only use part of the poem to fit my mood today. I used some remnants from my latest Quick Quotes stitched striped paper & Tim [...]

After taking Alisa Burke’s Graffiti Chic I created stencils from photos. After inking the paper with a stencil & letters I shrunk it on the copier so it would fit on a tag.