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Step by step

That Perfect Project Never Came

That perfect project never came as I played in my art journal with gelatos and hoarded collage goodies.

There is no expiration date on collage material, it’s not milk after all.  But there is a point at which I have to face the reality that if the “perfect” project hasn’t come along yet, it probably isn’t ever coming.  I might as well just use it. One of the pieces of paper in here, [...]

No Clarity. No Focus. And a Loud Inner Perfectionist. thumbnail

You know that feeling of clarity and focus you have when inspiration strikes?  When there is no doubt as to what you should do.  That’s NOT what was happening here.  I had no clarity. No focus.  Every decision was full of doubt because of that inner perfectionist pestering me. So what do I do when I have days [...]

I Was So Happy that I Didn’t Like It! thumbnail

What makes a great canvas for play? One that I don’t like anymore!  There were marks all over this, there was texture, there was pattern, there was color. But together, they just didn’t rock my world. At one time, I had liked this canvas, but not any more. This was a perfect opportunity to play! [...]

OOPS! An Idea that Went Horribly Wrong thumbnail

The plan for this canvas went horribly wrong. The idea in my head did not translate one bit the way I intended on the canvas.  That is a polite way of saying “Yuck, it was rear end ugly!”   But it was just an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly, that started the journey of this canvas. [...]

How I got my creative mojo back using my least favorite color

My inner critic was relentlessly running roughshod over my mojo.  My broken ankle was healing just fine but my creative bones seemed unable to go back to the way they were.  Turns out just as the ankle needed rehab, so did my mojo. It was like there was big cloud following me around blocking out [...]

What are the Best Supplies for Art Play? thumbnail

What are the best supplies for art play?   Whatever is within arm’s reach!  If you’re feeling a bit tricked by the headline, I was too when I started playing.  I hunted for the best supplies to use but experience taught me that it wasn’t the supplies that made the difference.  It was just diving in with [...]

A Mixed Media Contract with the Universe thumbnail

The muse had me on a need to know basis for this piece of art.  I only knew what was happening in that moment, without any idea of what the next layer would hold.  I was so in the dark, I didn’t know that it would become a gift for my daughter as she graduates and [...]

The Good Kind of Cleaning and a Hot Mess thumbnail

Cleaning and play can go hand in hand. Not house cleaning…but cleaning excess paint off stencils.  My fast and favorite way to clean off an inky or painty stencil, especially when gel printing, is by blotting it off on another surface like an art journal or in this case a wood panel. Since this is not the actual [...]

OOPS…A No Fail Plan that Failed or Did it? thumbnail

O.O.P.S…This just wasn’t coming together.  The no fail plan I had in my head to use up the scraps from die cutting in my art journal flopped.  It failed big time compared to what was in my head.  But did it really fail? When things don’t come together, it is just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting [...]

Letting Myself Get Lost in my Art Journal thumbnail

Knowing where you are going can be overrated.  Granted, if you are an airplane pilot, it is critical you know where you are going.   But I’m not flying a plane, I am playing in an art journal wandering around without any clear plan. It all began by gluing down some pieces and parts.  One is [...]