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Step by step

Upcyling a Paperbag and Going Big with a Gel Plate thumbnail

How big of a print can you make with a little gel plate?  As big as the paper (or whatever you are printing on)!  This almost 4 foot long print was made with the 3x5, the 6x6, and the 4" round Gel Press printing plates! Just printing over and over on the paper with the 3 [...]

The Muse Said Shut Up and Play

It was one of those "what's the meaning of life" kind of days.  Recent life events had me waxing philosophically and I was looking for deep answers inside my art studio. Here are the exact words of the muse...and she said them quite forcefully in my head..."Shut up and play."  She wasn't into the deeper levels of [...]

I’m art journaling with stencils and sharing it step by step as I find the door to another world or you could say letting my imagination run wild

My imagination ran away with the idea of another world while I was art journaling.  Perhaps all those sci-fi shows I love like Stargate, Star Trek, and Dr. Who have had a bit of an impact on this page. But in true sci-fi fashion, I didn't start out thinking I would find another language or [...]

How to take an ugly art journal page and make it better with glitter and a stencil

What you are seeing here is sarcasm in an art journal. Those scribbled words say "this is a great day to be me." This was a not a joyous phrase, but one of sarcasm that came out of frustration with something. Basically, I was pouting about something in my art journal.  What was the something?  It [...]

Stenciling the cover of an art journal with silhouettes by Carolyn Dube

My art journal cover started as play.  No goal. No plan.  I was just along for the ride.  I thought I was just playing until an O.O.P.S. struck and then the muse opened the floodgates on me.  I didn't see it coming but it was just what I needed. *An O.O.P.S. is an outstanding opportunity presenting suddenly. [...]

This silly art journal page was a complete surprise to me.  Why the surprise?  I had no plan when I started so I had no idea where it was going to end up. It all started with the waves, created with this month's StencilClub stencils that I designed for StencilGirl.  This was just me dreaming of [...]

Finding the freedom when my art sucks…stinks…is absolutely no good by Carolyn Dube

Freedom.  I love the feeling of freedom...it is after all so freeing! So how do I get that freedom?  I create stuff that stinks.  Stuff that is absolutely no good.  And that it is how I find freedom. I started with this canvas I stenciled and spray inked eons ago with Rembrandt's Words.  It has been sitting [...]

How to create an altered book art journal page with stencils

It was just going to take a moment because all I was doing was using up the last bits of color on the brushes.  Don't want to waste the any part of the rainbow after all.  No reason to turn on the video camera.  This is just cleaning off a few brushes. And then I [...]

Doodling with stencils

A great big thank you to Maria McGuire for sharing her doodle and pen play for this blog post!  She's created art showing several ways you can use pens and stencils together. In the mandala above working with a stencil mask, Maria drew circles in graduating circumferences. Then she positioned the stencil mask of the [...]

The most horrible looking start to an art journal page didn’t matter at all thanks to being able to add layers!

  While flipping through my art journals to find a page to play with today, I landed on one that was horrifically ugly in my eyes.  I could have cringed in horror when I saw the page.  I could have ripped it out and thrown it away.  I could have hidden the journal and never looked at [...]