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Spark of Artspiration

A Spark of Silliness thumbnail

It’s a silly day of play using a Spark of Art-Spiration. It all starts with finding this very unusual creature in the free download. Of course there’s an O.O.P.S. or two, but the underwear malfunction was a first. It was with the creature, not me but still, the poor dear might have been a bit [...]

Using a Spark of Art-spiration thumbnail

Play.  It isn’t just for kids, it’s for grown-ups too.  Kids jump right in to play – no warm-up needed.  Adults sometimes need a little help getting to that playful place. That’s where my free Sparks of Art-spiration can help. See how to use a Spark as a springboard for your play in the video [...]

A Quick Folded No Measuring Gift Card Holder using a colorful download by Carolyn Dube

Have you seen the incredible ways to wrap gifts on Pinterest?  The kind that take hours to wrap and the gift looks like a piece of holiday decor, not something you rip open?  This video isn’t like that, after all, I’m giving a gift card.  But I want it to be fun, have a personal [...]

I Don’t know Jack According to the Art Journal Page thumbnail

A little found poetry did not go as expected on this art journal page.  I had high hopes for it since I was using a page out of a Danielle Steele novel.  Turns out…I don’t know Jack but I do know how to play and have fun! https://youtu.be/rSOyRzNpfrw Watch Using found poetry in an art [...]

Using a Spark of Art-spiration and Finding Bed Head Betsy thumbnail

Finding images inside free Sparks of Art-spiration is like spotting objects and characters in the clouds.  In this one, I saw Bed Head Betsy, a very happy woman waking up excited about the wonders the day holds for her. In the video, you can see how I bring the image out and use it to build an [...]

I Never Know Who Will Show Up in my Art Journal thumbnail

It’s always fun to have visitors in the studio, especially if they are as silly and happy as this guy!  He’s Norbert and just popped out of the Spark of Art-spiration I used to start playing in my art journal.   Originally, I saw 3 people on a hill in the Spark, but you can tell I [...]

A Purple Bunny Hopped Right Into My Art Journal thumbnail

What do I do when I want to play but a blank page doesn’t inspire me?  I grab a Spark of Art-spiration and see where it takes me.  This Spark brought a purple bunny into the studio for another cardboard page in a Permission to Play journal. https://youtu.be/arZKvXOFOV0 Watch Starting an Art Journal Page with a [...]

A Rainbow Caterpillar Stopped by for a Visit thumbnail

I never know what I will see when I look at a Spark of Art-spiration.  Didn’t expect to have a rainbow caterpillar stop by but when something this silly pops in, I just have to see where it takes me! What is a Spark of Art-spiration? It’s a free download that comes in my newsletters as [...]

I used to find shapes in the clouds…now I find them in my paint palette! So many characters with such ridiculous stories to tell! What do you see in them?

I used to find shapes in the clouds…now I find them in my paint palette!  These characters all came from this one paint palette.   They have slightly ridiculous stories to tell..okay not slightly! One of these characters will be the next Spark of Art-spiration but I can’t decide which one to include as the free download in the [...]

Oops…I Went Too Far with My Mixed Media Play thumbnail

I went too far.  I was just playing around on cardboard and was really becoming very very happy with what was developing.  So I kept going…and then I went too far. Does that ever happen to you? Was that a mistake?  Nope, not at all.  It was an Oops, an Outstanding Opportunity that Presented Suddenly.  The [...]