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Silks and Twinkling H2O’s

  Stencils, a round Gelli Plate, and my art journal made for a perfect afternoon of play!  I usually like layer upon layer but this page just felt right to me with the open space.       http://youtu.be/fydxF4OcXU4 You can watch Using a round Gelli Plate with Silks and a Stencil on YouTube here.   [...]

What roller coaster ride my muse took me on today!  I had a great idea to get me started- to use the blotter paper from my counter top with Jamie Fingal’s House stencil from StencilGirl Products.  That part worked very very well…   And I was very happy with it.           [...]

Playing with Sue’s Stencil for Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

  Artsy Fartsy is back!  Maria McGuire and I took a break for a while due to scheduling and commitments but we’re playing again. Neither one of us has any less to do now (maybe even more)…She has taken on a wonderful new adventure that will be revealed soon and I am working on new [...]

June’s Colorful Gelli Print Party is here!  Not just one video this month but TWO!  I couldn’t stop playing (and I didn’t want to).  A mega thanks to everyone who shared their Gelli fun with the May party!   I am inspired by all the prints and projects.  June’s party will be open all month- love [...]

Black is a paint color I rarely use on my Gelli Plate but every now and again I do.  So I cleaned off my brayer in my vintage journal like I do with the rainbow of colors I usually use.  And it sat. And sat.  Most of my other colors get lost or look muddy [...]

I was spinning my wheels, not really going anywhere artistically today.  Ever have those days?  Well, it all changed when  I started ripping things up!     Many moons ago I had extra paint on my palette and brushes so I made circles on a piece of ephemera.  Then it went onto the pile of [...]

  Welcome to the latest Stencil Test Drive!  I’m working with Jessica Sporn’s Random Squares stencil.  The first time I saw this stencil, I knew I had to have it!  So many possibilities!  Be sure to stop by and check out what everyone did with this stencil!   Diana Trout Seth Apter Corrine Gillman Kristin [...]

Everyone Needs a Party Hat! thumbnail

The latest headline prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly grabbed me unexpectedly!  There was  a completely different plan for my Fall Fearless art.  I had planned to do the color prompt but  I could not get the questions out of my head.  Before I knew it my Fall Fearless had merged with my Artsy Fartsy.  [...]