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Let’s Play

Congrats to Ann -the winner of the October Let’s Play $50 gift certificate to Dick Blick! Ann, send me your information (carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com) and I’ll get you your gift certificate pronto! What is the theme for November? Just start! Each week I’ll share a new video with you with sharing a specific way I just [...]

OOPS! How I Handle it When I Can’t Play thumbnail

I was completely in my head when I tried to play.  Any idea I had was shot down instantly.  That first step of getting started felt paralyzing.  My muse had left the building.  Play was not going to be happening with this mindset.  But this has happened many times to me and in the video, I am [...]

I Didn’t Listen to the Words of Painting Wisdom thumbnail

There were words of painting wisdom that I just wouldn’t listen to as I played.  The muse kept whispering in my ear, “Let the paint dry.”  But didn’t want to stop playing to wait for anything to dry! I started with a scrap of cardboard, a piece of trash.  Why trash today?  Because this Let’s [...]

She Released Her Untamed Creativity thumbnail

When I started this page, I glued a leftover copy of a vintage photo into my art journal without a clue where I was going with it.  No plan meant no expectations. After all, I had no idea what direction that very serious woman in the photo was headed.  In the end, she was able to release her [...]

I Actually Used Brown Paint! thumbnail

Brown.  I used brown.  Lots of brown.  Why?  Because No Expectations is the theme for this month’s Let’s Play videos.  Having no expectation is easier said than done but one way I can do that is by doing something I know will be ugly to me.  Hence the brown. Technically, I still have an expectation, it is [...]

Congrats to Misty -the winner of the September Let’s Play $50 gift certificate to Dick Blick!  Misty, send me your information (carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com) and I’ll get you your gift certificate pronto! What is the theme for October?  It’s all about no expectations!  Each week I’ll share a new video with you with [...]

Gel printing with stencils tutorial sharing how to build up layers in an art journal by Carolyn Dube

Control is a creativity killer for me.  My left brain likes control, which is quite helpful in some areas of my life, but not when it comes to art and play. Letting go of control is easier said than done but I have found ways to help myself do it. One way is by using a tool or [...]

Blind Painting in my Art Journal thumbnail

Eyesight is a rather useful sense and it’s one I count on quite a bit when creating.  So to help myself let go of control for this Let’s Play video, I’m painting blindfolded.  Can’t see a thing and it shows! What is Let’s Play?  It’s all about rediscovering the ability to play. Each month I share a [...]

How to Use Compressed Air and the Rainbow in Your Art Journal

The more I try to control an art journal page, the less I like it.  But letting go of control is a tough thing to do since it isn’t instinctive for me (which is an understatement according to my husband). I am always looking for ways to help myself let go and thwart that left brain when I [...]

How to randomly pick colors and let go of control art journaling video tutorial

  Being in control makes sense in many areas of my life but not when it comes to play and creativity.  Many of the struggles and the uphill climbing that plagued me in the beginning of my colorful journey were due to my attempts to control. Being in control and making logical decisions was so familiar and ingrained that [...]