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fall fearless and fly

Nathalie Kalbach is the guest artist for the last Fall Fearless and Fly!   Her work is inspiring!  I have had an absolute blast co-hosting this with Jessica Sporn!  Thank you to every person who has participated from guest artists to artists who linked up to the people who stopped by to taken in all [...]

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The latest headline prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly grabbed me unexpectedly!  There was  a completely different plan for my Fall Fearless art.  I had planned to do the color prompt but  I could not get the questions out of my head.  Before I knew it my Fall Fearless had merged with my Artsy Fartsy.  [...]

For this week’s Fall Fearless and Fly challenge the quote sparked this journal page.  When I am arting in the studio I can find such a calm and peaceful place inside of myself.  I can just be.  And if I can be with shiny metallics and glitter glue- all the better! This background was made [...]

Fall Fearless and Fly #5 has begun!  There is a fabulous journal page from Marcia Beckett and 2 great prizes!  An ephemera pack from Marcia and $25 from Blue Moon Scrapbooking!  They have the most wonderful selection of goodies! Headline Prompt:  Lifelong Fan:  What or who have you consistently valued or looked up to in [...]

Challenge #4  from Fall Fearless and Fly inspired this page.  The quote resonated with me and I knew that it had to be a big part of this art journal page.  I really tried to stay with the cool color prompt but a bit of yellow managed to sneak in on me.  It looked so [...]

Triumph and defeat seem to be best friends in my studio.   Every time one showed up,  the other was just around the corner.  Perhaps what I thought of as defeat is simply being way outside of my comfort zone. The plan was to do the color prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly.  I had [...]

The prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly this time is about taking a chance.  I have come to realize that in order for me to take a chance I have to trust. Trust that it will all be okay.  Trust that I can do it.  Trust  Tracy Verdugo as she guided me during a class [...]

Today Fall Fearless and Fly begins!   I’m showing you a few sneak peeks of what I’ve made for the first challenge – stop over at Artists in Blogland to see the prompt, my video, and what Jessica Sporn created for this first challenge!  I feel so blessed to be co-hosting this challenge!  There is an [...]