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Rembrandt’s Words

An Adventure of an Art Journal Page thumbnail

This art journal page was quite an adventure and along the way there were two things that became very clear. One was I should never ever under any circumstance be a cosmetic surgeon. And two, weird stories can show up in your art journal. Grab a drink and join me for a silly little adventure! [...]

Art Journaling & The Silly Conversation in my Head thumbnail

A silly conversation happened while playing in my art journal. It wasn’t about how I decide when to stop adding layers or the fancy close the page technique- although both of these are in the video. It had to do with how I started painting the buildings on the page and why that triggered that [...]

Chasing Away the Blank Page thumbnail

Let’s chase away the blank page and say goodbye to all the pressure that can accompany that blankness, by gel printing directly in the journal.   Why do I love to start an art journal page this way? Is it because every drop of paint is used?  Is it because there is zero pressure? Is it because [...]

Can You Put Modeling Paste on an Impressable Gel Plate? You Bet! thumbnail

You can put just about anything on an Impressable gel plate…including modeling paste! The texture these two create together is magnificent…can you tell that I love texture?  What can you do with this flexible piece of colorful texture?  I used it create a golden jeweled canvas. https://youtu.be/5boB4wdqJIk Watch Modeling Paste on an Impressable Gel Plate on YouTube. [...]

Art journal page from start to finish

Today, I share with you a very personal art journal page that came about because of the loss of my oldest and dearest friend recently.  I share this with the hope that others will be able to use art to heal their wounds.  The only way my soul can begin to process this is through [...]

No Stress Play with Picasso In the Art Journal thumbnail

Who needs a deadline!  Who needs the stress of having to finish right now!  I sure don’t!   But I used to think I was required to finish in one session.  Shockingly, that led to creativity crushing stress. I decided that stress was not what I wanted so just rewrote the rules and gave myself permission to work in [...]

Stenciling Turns Brown Bags into Gift Bags! thumbnail

A plain brown bag? Never as long as I have stencils and paint.  Just some quick stenciling to transform these grocery store lunch sacks into gift bags.  When I say quick, I do mean quick. Sloppy, messy, and fast.   In the video,  I employ some of my favorite skills such as not lining anything [...]

The Tale of a Halloween Oops Card

Turning this  Gelli print in to a card was supposed to be a quick and easy.  Then there was an Oops thanks to my handwriting.  Then another. That probably doesn’t surprise you one bit.  I make all sorts of mistakes, I mean Oopsies, as I play.  It didn’t go as planned but every Oops was [...]

Play Dates: Use Each Spray Ink for What it Does Best thumbnail

You’ve seen my favorite spray inks, you’ve seen how I experiment and play to learn about spray inks, and today I’m going to share with you how I quickly build a background in an art journal. http://youtu.be/ez9WjjsiXbg Watch Using Each Spray Ink for What it Does Best on YouTube.   Join the conversation and let [...]

Play Dates: Burying Spray Inks that Bleed thumbnail

Some spray inks bleed and that can be a very useful thing.  I’m burying the Dylusions spray inks and creating a softer, aged feeling as it bleeds through the gesso. In today’s Play Date video, I’m taking a spray ink that I adore because of its vibrance and showing how it can be wonderful muted down [...]