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Dance of this Life

Having Faith through the Ugly Layers & OOPSies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ZRyWzh15srU There was a plan in my head when this began and it didn’t take long before the plan was abandoned. Generally, when things don’t go as planned, they turn out way better than I was expecting but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some rough moments along the way. Those rough and ugly moments [...]

Tree of OOPSies thumbnail

This wasn’t a color in the lines kind of a day or one where things went as planned. Was that a bad thing? Not when I’m playing with stencils and art crayons! https://youtu.be/NVUw5YaC-ZE The tone of the play was decided right here as I stenciled the Modern Tree, designed by Mary Beth Shaw. I thought [...]

What if an idea doesn’t make sense? thumbnail

Ever get a crazy idea that just doesn’t make any sense to you? When you’re art journaling, ideas can be nonsense – so follow them! In the video, you’ll see what idea got stuck in my head plus when I had a great big case of hesistation– and why that’s a good thing! https://youtu.be/Mnv-R6EwKgU Is [...]

The Reality Check About My One Word for the Year thumbnail

How much pressure could there be picking one word for the year? Turns out a lot.  Like so many people this time of year, I choose one word to be a beacon for me through the upcoming 12 months.  It was such a huge commitment, you’d think I was signing a contract in blood with [...]

Washi Tape & How to Freak out the Supply Hoarder in You thumbnail

  What can you do when the  inner supply hoarder flares up?  Force yourself to use something sacred.  I forced myself to “use up” my washi tape.  And by use up I mean use just a little of it. Using the super special Van Gogh washi tape really freaked out that supply hoarder in me.  Could there [...]

Taking a Leap in My Art Journal thumbnail

I took a leap or two in my altered book journal. Not a flying leap but another kind of leap.  An art journaling adventure from the red I almost never use to attempting surgical stenciling precision to the careful lettering.  I am guessing it won’t surprise you that there was an O.O.P.S. in there! https://youtu.be/ptfyWfvGheI Watch Altered [...]

Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal thumbnail

Washi tape made a colorful background for an art journal page and since it is tape, there was no waiting for it to dry.  Just the right place for a dancing butterfly man to be stenciled. https://youtu.be/WlcuSPbrgbg Watch Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal on YouTube. Randomly, I filled the page with washi tapes.  You might [...]

OOPS! An Idea that Went Horribly Wrong thumbnail

The plan for this canvas went horribly wrong. The idea in my head did not translate one bit the way I intended on the canvas.  That is a polite way of saying “Yuck, it was rear end ugly!”   But it was just an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly, that started the journey of this canvas. [...]

Where Will These Doorways Lead Me? thumbnail

The idea of doorways was stuck in my head the moment I saw these scraps. I became fixated on them the same way a song gets stuck in my head.  Little did I know what these treasured leftovers would get me thinking about. Once the bits, gel printed using my Arched Aqueducts stencil, were glued down on [...]

A Baby Wipe, A Stencil, and the OOPS thumbnail

Sometimes a few minutes is all you have to play and that’s all I need to make an OOPS, an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  Being an adult can take up most of the day, but I have to have a bit of play for my sanity.  Just a few minutes of play with the art supplies keeps me [...]