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Spark of Artspiration

I went too far.  I was just playing around on cardboard and was really becoming very very happy with what was developing.  So I kept going...and then I went too far. Does that ever happen to you? Was that a mistake?  Nope, not at all.  It was an Oops, an Outstanding Opportunity that Presented Suddenly.  The [...]

Using Craft Attitude on Metal

Video Using Craft Attitude with Metal from Walnut Hollow

Craft Attitude solved a big problem for me.  My problem of getting rich color on metal that won't smear.  I don't have a lot of metal paints and that doesn't matter any more! Keep reading because this is a blog hop so there's lots of inspiration and a giveaway too! I printed out one of [...]

Playing with Transfer Artist Paper

Playing with Transfer Artist Paper thumbnail

Doing an image transfer is so easy with Lesley Riley's TAP.  How easy? It's even Carolyn proof!  The directions even say "You cannot over-iron it!"  They were right!  My so very sad ironing skills were more than enough to make this work perfectly!  This is a part of the TAP/StencilGirl blog hop so be sure to check [...]

There's no spell check in art.  Once you paint a word there aren't any squiggly red lines alerting you to a misspelling.  Or a quick delete button to fix it. So what did I do when I had a typo? Nothing.  It's just an Oops.  Well, I did laugh at myself...I have always been a [...]

My Knock Down, Drag Out  Battle for White Space thumbnail

    My battle for white space continues.  I love the look of white space but color is my addiction.  This was a knock down drag out fight between color and white space.       Round One Goes to Color It isn't glamorous but it is a place loaded with color to start!  This [...]

My art was trying to tell me something, a message I needed to hear.  One that has been told to me before but oh do I struggle with this message.   It was a bad day.  The kind of day where the gremlins were pummeling me with cruel comments and harsh words.  I am not a [...]

The Diving Mermaid

  I am honored to share works sent to me by some of my newsletter readers using my free Sparks of Art-spiration. What is a Spark of Art-spiration?  It is a snippet of a larger work.  Something about the snippet sparks my creativity so I go with it.  I print out the spark in whatever [...]

A Great World

What a great world where we  can interpret and express in our own unique artistic ways!   All 3 of the pieces in today's post began with the same spark- the exact same image yet we ended up in 3 wonderfully different places! Want to play along with the next spark?  There's a newsletter heading out [...]

The Magic of Sparks

Two artists may look at the same Spark of Art-spiration,  but how it speaks to each individual is unique- and that is the magic of the sparks.   What is a Spark of Art-spiration?  It is a snippet of a larger work.  Something about the snippet sparks my creativity so I go with it.  I print [...]

Sprout Wings and Fly

I was stuck in my head.  When I am in my head it means I judge harshly.  I criticize unrelentingly.  I try to make it perfect the first time.  Do you ever do that?  Not a surprise that when I am only in my head my creativity is blocked. Below is the process of how [...]