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Bloopers are just Oops's (what is the plural of Oops?).  Things don't always go as planned...but that is what makes it fun! Well, after you finishing laughing (and you are welcome to laugh at me or with me on this one) be sure to check out the workshop giveaway! http://youtu.be/N2tNCi3YLBg Watch Bloopers from One Pull Wonders [...]

Painting Flower Pots…Learn From My Mistakes thumbnail

I wanted color, lots of color, all summer long.  The plants are pretty but there are times when they aren't in full bloom and I wanted color all the time.  So I used an afternoon painting flower pots.  Oops... What you are seeing is the 2nd try with the paint....the first time I used exterior house [...]

Spray Paint, Stencils, and an Overspray Oops thumbnail

It's summertime here.  Kids think of the pool.  I think of spray painting outside. As I brought my Liquitex spray paints out to the picnic table, I knew there was going to be an Oops.  There always is with me.  The Oops today was a gift that let me see overspray in a new way.     I covered [...]

The Stencil Talked to Me

The stencil talked to me. It had a very important message that I needed to be reminded of at just the right time. Too much leftover paint on the palette led me to some very fast and somewhat sloppy stenciling with the  Use Your Words stencil. Notice all the paint that ran under it.  I adore that because [...]

  This little  stenciled ornament should be called Oops.  Why?  Because there was one after the other while I was making this using Sue Pelletier's Loose Dress stencil over at StencilGirl.  This was supposed to be a little purse/bag to give as a gift...then an Oops happened so that wasn't possible...My carefully thought out plan [...]

A Greek Artsy Fartsy

A Greek Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

I have fond memories of Greece and am in awe of ancient Greece.  Love the old temples, the history, the mystery of it all! When I saw this stencil by Maria McGuire for StencilGirl Products I was flooded with memories of my visits. Maria and I decided this stencil was to be our Artsy Fartsy [...]

The Secret to Art Journaling without Fear thumbnail

  So how do you get rid of fear when art journaling?  Just say Oops!  What does Oops stand for? Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly!  Here's how I use Oops when I art journal to keep fear from limiting my creativity...   The white was supposed to be pure white and not have streaks of orange [...]

Bye Bye Gremlins

They were screaming. They were shouting.  There was stress.  Surprisingly,  there was no art happening.  I had a major infestation of gremlins that brought my creativity to a halt.   I had enough of these gremlins yelling at me.  Time for them to go.       I decided the best way to get rid [...]

A Bouquet from Black Paint

Black is a paint color I rarely use on my Gelli Plate but every now and again I do.  So I cleaned off my brayer in my vintage journal like I do with the rainbow of colors I usually use.  And it sat. And sat.  Most of my other colors get lost or look muddy [...]

It’s Just An Oops

I used to fight making mistakes.  Pointing out all my imperfections to myself with a strong dose of harsh judgement.  No shocker that being creative often ended in frustration for me back then.  But it doesn't any more.  Why?  I just say Oops. This is a random mess of a page. I was using up [...]