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My Knock Down, Drag Out  Battle for White Space thumbnail

    My battle for white space continues.  I love the look of white space but color is my addiction.  This was a knock down drag out fight between color and white space.       Round One Goes to Color It isn't glamorous but it is a place loaded with color to start!  This [...]

Although I can't hop on a plane to travel right now, I can take a trip in my art journal!  My muse is my travel agent and she's booked me to Venice for this trip. Below is the progression of my art journal page as I played with the newly released, Venetian Large 9x12 stencil [...]

There was something fishy about the story that my muse popped into my head as I was playing.  So fishy in fact, that I began to think about the plausibility of the story.  My logical left brain jumped in while I was playing.  That did not go so well until my inner teenager with ample [...]

                                                  Like interesting people, interesting patterns have lots of layers.  Using every drop of spray paint on the stencil gave me 2 very different looks from one stencil as the layers [...]

  I had a plan.  I didn't follow the plan.  I rarely follow my plans...but the plan is still necessary for me.  The plan gives me a  sense of security and control but I stay flexible so I can wander wherever the color and pattern takes me.     Step 1 of the plan: Find [...]

Do you ever suddenly feel disappointed with your art journaling? Perfect is what causes that to happen to me.  Perfect is a thief I invite in to rob me of my joys. Not only do I invite Perfect in...it seems I send out engraved invitations some days...   I started playing with my 1700s Stencil with only [...]

My art was trying to tell me something, a message I needed to hear.  One that has been told to me before but oh do I struggle with this message.   It was a bad day.  The kind of day where the gremlins were pummeling me with cruel comments and harsh words.  I am not a [...]

Not everything that is created has to take lots of time because there isn't always lot of time available in a busy day.  I'm sure I am not the only person who wishes there were 48 hours in a day! This was a quick art journal page made while playing around with Cecilia Swatton's Marbles 6 [...]

  Where did my art play take me today?  Around the world with Mary Nasser's Latitude and Longitude stencil for StencilGirl Products. While I stayed in my studio I did end up in a very unexpected place as I played- a land of the monochromatic.  Who would have guessed that I would not use the [...]

Pam Carriker Stencil Hop

  I like color.  I know you are shocked since it is such a well kept secret that I like color....Well today I am playing in the stencil hop with Pam Carriker's Primary, Secondary, Tertiary color wheel stencil for StencilGirl Products.     I started with a tag by gluing on some old writing and [...]