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Building a Collage of Patterns on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/OQuPhq-XhDE What happens when I see incredible wrought iron while in Savannah, Georgia? I get the urge to grab a gel plate and make prints right there! The curves in the ironwork, the details mounted on those windows, it all just screamed gel print with me! But there are some impracticalities with this. First, I [...]

They came with curiosity, questions, and ready to embrace the idea of What If! These women played hard all weekend, exploring techniques, but most of all building their understanding of why and how a gel plate plays with paints, stencils, and PanPastels. This event has been postponed twice, courtesy of covid, so we were all [...]

Gel Printing with an Oreo thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Tbp939xeIt0 If it’s got a pattern on it, it just might make a great gel printing tool! Oreos have plenty of pattern on them so I had to give it a try! Fair warning, cookies were harmed in the making of these prints, after all, once they get paint on them they aren’t safe to [...]

Alcohol Inks & ArtFoamies on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/0ci_JCOoDmo Stamping with ArtFoamies and alcohol inks was almost like using self inking stamps! See what I mean in the video as you see how these gel prints were made from start to finish! The ArtFoamies stamp I’m using here is Peacock Feather, the alcohol inks are a refill for Copic markers, and of course, [...]

Creative JumpStart Early Bird Happening Now! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/i5HQt5Uah7E Registration is now open for Creative JumpStart 2022! There are 38, yes 38, videos each from a different artist exploring the theme of Creating Connections. Before I go any further, just a heads up, that the early bird prices are happening now! $65 Dec. 4, 12:01am – Dec. 31, 11:59pm ET$79 Jan. 1, 12:01am ET [...]

Crayon Rubbing and Pattern Play with a Stencil thumbnail

https://youtu.be/jMWeRslx9Bg Crayon rubbings aren’t just for leaves! They work with stencils too! After making the rubbings, they are great for playing with color patterns. But, you’ll see how I get myself into a bit of pattern pickle and what I do about it! O.O.P.S.! This stencil is a part of this month’s StencilClub offering! Mary [...]

Monet Style Impressionistic Gel Prints thumbnail

https://youtu.be/jjrwyOqDb8Y Just about anything can become a gel printing tool! Including dish washing gloves! Yes, you read that right. Dishwashing gloves! These are scrubbing gloves which enables them to create a soft Impressionist style print. Probably not what the manufacturer intended but they do it well! I’ve got the supply list at the end of [...]

Why I Needed an O.O.P.S. thumbnail

https://youtu.be/pQBtGcEIfKU It had been a “just right” kind of day. The kind where I had to get things right or else. Grown up stuff like filling out college state residency paperwork or trying to make a claim on an home appliance warranty. It wasn’t fun at all! I needed some time where things didn’t have [...]

Arches,  A New Stencil & Mask Collection thumbnail

https://youtu.be/btJ7-kdO5pE Stencils and masks give you flexibility and take the guess work out of figuring out where you want them placed. In the video, you’ll see how having a mask lets you easily line up a stencil or audition the placement before you commit with paint. Then, you’ll see ways to use these stencils that [...]

Dreamy Gel Prints thumbnail

https://youtu.be/dp0lbcIUFDQ Using alcohol inks on a gel plate can create a very dreamy, cloud-like print. These are quick prints to make and something that I would struggle to create using a paint brush. But with a gel plate, it’s easy! I’m using Kristie Taylor alcohol inks in Persephone Purple, Thalia Turquoise, and Brigit Blue on [...]