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What If Gel Printing Retreat

They came with curiosity, questions, and ready to embrace the idea of What If! These women played hard all weekend, exploring techniques, but most of all building their understanding of why and how a gel plate plays with paints, stencils, and PanPastels.

This event has been postponed twice, courtesy of covid, so we were all ready to play! Want to know when the next in person event is? Me too! When I know, it’ll be going out to my newsletter readers before the public, so if you want to be “in the know” then get signed up for the weekly newsletter.

There are three things that made this retreat possible. First, the event organizer, the amazing Glenda Miles. If you’ve ever spent time with Glenda you know how open her heart is.

What are all these texture rollers? I’ve got a video where I show you how you can make them here.

Second, the amazing women who came to play! New friendships were started and existing ones became stronger. So honored to get to know these women.

Third, three companies who generously supported the play: GelPress.com, StencilGirlProducts.com and PanPastel.com! All the prints you see below is a sample of what was created during the weekend!

It’s impossible to show you everything that happened here, each print, and capture every comical moment, but you’ll get the flavor it all. In the spirit of What If, the discarded cheese from a sandwich became a pattern maker.

Want to know more about getting started gel printing? I’ve got a page of resources for you here and if you want to know when the next workshop is happening, get signed up for my email list– they’ll know before I post anything publicly!

Thank you Glenda for coordinating this and to each and every woman who shared their weekend with me playing!

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