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Sue Pellitier

  This little  stenciled ornament should be called Oops.  Why?  Because there was one after the other while I was making this using Sue Pelletier’s Loose Dress stencil over at StencilGirl.  This was supposed to be a little purse/bag to give as a gift…then an Oops happened so that wasn’t possible…My carefully thought out plan [...]

Be Amazing thumbnail

There are amazing things and people all around me. I don’t always notice them but they are there. When I take a moment to give them a chance their amazing-ness is revealed.  My muse reminded me today to slow down, take a breath, and let the world be amazing. The art journal page I started [...]

I am always amazed by how art journaling connects me to my feelings.  Cleaning out part of my studio led me to finding the pink graffiti paper I made long ago.   All the bright colors and foam stamps and drips and splats felt right to me so I quit cleaning and made this…at least [...]

Playing with Sue’s Stencil for Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

  Artsy Fartsy is back!  Maria McGuire and I took a break for a while due to scheduling and commitments but we’re playing again. Neither one of us has any less to do now (maybe even more)…She has taken on a wonderful new adventure that will be revealed soon and I am working on new [...]

I have been struggling with a big decision with the pro and con lists feeling equal.  So, I turned to my most trusted  advisers, paint and stencils to see what answers emerged.   This started as a page used to clean off Sue Pelletier’s Loose Woman stencil  when it was drenched in spray inks.   [...]

My face hurts.  It did most of the time I was at Art Is You in Nashville.  It hurt from laughing so hard.  Thanks to Sallianne and Ellen who put so much into planning and organizing this!     Pam Carriker taught a fun workshop, Busting Out.   I finally feel like shading faces is [...]