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Spray Inks

Art Journaling & The Silly Conversation in my Head thumbnail

A silly conversation happened while playing in my art journal. It wasn’t about how I decide when to stop adding layers or the fancy close the page technique- although both of these are in the video. It had to do with how I started painting the buildings on the page and why that triggered that [...]

What Can Distress Oxide Spray Do? thumbnail

What can Distress Oxide Spray do?  That was my question as I opened the box and took these out for a spin.  What you’re seeing in the video is my very first time playing with the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Sprays.  There are 3 things that really stood out to me:  Absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces give [...]

How Do You Know When An Art Journal Page is Finished? thumbnail

How do you know if an art journal page is finished?  Here’s my perspective on it.  It’s a very personal thing because what you create comes from your soul and is unique to you. When you look at it, if it feels finished, then it’s finished.  If it doesn’t feel finished, then it isn’t. You get the final say. That also means [...]

Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying thumbnail

Just because spray inks come with a nozzle for spraying, doesn’t mean you can only spray them. They can be used with a paint brush too.  In the video you’ll see an OOPS as well as some color mixing. https://youtu.be/LhLEOsQ2oWw Watch Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying on YouTube. Why the word “start”? It is [...]

How to Keep Spray Inks from Clogging thumbnail

Ever had a bottle of spray ink clog?  It happens to me all the time, with any brand. I had assumed it was just the way the world was until I talked to the good people at Marabu.  They rocked my world with one simple way to keep spray ink nozzles in good working order. [...]

When does the muse show up and inspire me? After I have started.  It’s as if starting is her invitation to join me so that means I need to start. No matter what it is, the important thing is to just start. I grabbed plain old cardboard from a shipping box as a place to start [...]

The spray inks that I used for today’s play should have been in a museum.  They have to be at least 10 years old.  That makes it a vintage supply in my world. And these Luminarte spray inks still worked just as well as they did when I bought them. If you’ve ever had spray inks, you [...]

Video of my mixed media art journal play doodling with words and a stencil

Maria McGuire is a doodler.  She can make magic with a pen and she loves to create stencils that have spaces made for doodling.  I am not a doodler by nature but I have found doodling to be a bit infectious, in a good way! http://youtu.be/ZUXK1HkFhiI Watch Dream Landscape Art Journal Play on YouTube.   I started [...]

Play Dates: Burying Spray Inks that Bleed thumbnail

Some spray inks bleed and that can be a very useful thing.  I’m burying the Dylusions spray inks and creating a softer, aged feeling as it bleeds through the gesso. In today’s Play Date video, I’m taking a spray ink that I adore because of its vibrance and showing how it can be wonderful muted down [...]

Play Dates: A Sticky Spray Ink thumbnail

Different spray inks do different things for me.  Prima’s Color Blooms have a sticky feel to them (not implying they are glue like, just a bit stickier on the hands) and that means they work well with things I want them to stick to – like a rubber stamp without beading up. In today’s Play Date, [...]