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The latest headline prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly grabbed me unexpectedly!  There was  a completely different plan for my Fall Fearless art.  I had planned to do the color prompt but  I could not get the questions out of my head.  Before I knew it my Fall Fearless had merged with my Artsy Fartsy.  [...]

This has been a journal page that has spanned months.  I started it and then it buried under a pile of other projects.  Does that ever happen to you?  As I cleaned up my studio I found this and finished it instead of finishing my cleaning…               Started with [...]

I have been on a quest to use up things.  Now, I am a realist and I know it will be 2075 before I used up everything, but any step forward is a step forward…I liked this paper but didn’t love it.   A white pen and mindless doodling brought it back to life.  Since [...]

A long weekend in Phoenix at Creative Escape renewed my soul!  The whole southwest vibe mixed with 2 visits to the spa, GREAT friends, and artistic scrapbooking fun made for a wonderful trip.  This necklace was made thanks to the charm swap!  Loved how all the different charms together made such a treasure. 

You can see some of my finished journals in the last 2 posts.  Start with a hardback book.  Just a quick cut with an exacto knife and all the pages are out.  I save the pages and use them to create new pages for the journals and other art.  It’s like a giant stack of [...]

Part of the fun of this type of journal is having pages with different sizes, weights, and shapes.  I cut a tag from notebook paper for this page.  I stenciled on it with Tattered Angels Chalkboard ink.  I wanted color, but it still needed to be light enough someone could easily write on it.  A [...]

I used the same technique as my last post to dress up a photo of a church in Bath, England. The photo was very drab.  Not a lot of color – the sun wasn’t out helping my photos.  A shocker in England I know…The sky in this one is Shimmerz.  

There was a terrible disease I had on vacation – shutterbug-itis.  This meant I took photos of everything just to get a few incredible pictures.  The results are some very mediocre photos.  But the memories were fantastic.  So I decided to play around with some of the blah prints. 1.  Scratch lines around shapes in [...]

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all you want to do? Feel like you don’t have time to finish a project?  I have. Then I just need to remember that a step forward, no matter how small, is step forward! I tend to take lots of vacation photos (2,000-4,000) a trip.  Not all of them [...]

Do you have any old scrapbooking papers that you may not love anymore or that you never did but they were part of a larger collection of papers?   Well I do, actually quite a few. My style has changed over 10 years – no shock.  I decided to experiment with them.  Since I might never [...]