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Altering Photos with Gelatos

There was a terrible disease I had on vacation – shutterbug-itis. This meant I took photos of everything just to get a few incredible pictures. The results are some very mediocre photos. But the memories were fantastic. So I decided to play around with some of the blah prints.

1. Scratch lines around shapes in your photo. Any sharp tool will work.

2. Rub a gelato on top of the scratches.

3. Use a tissue to wipe away the excess. They react to water so I did get mine slightly damp to wipe. Be careful not to let the photo get too wet.

4. The water looked too dark for me, so I grabbed a bottle of Tattered Angels Glaze to perk up the water. A few die cut letters in the sky to balance it out.




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  • rasz July 18, 2011, 6:25 pm

    What a great idea for photos.