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Playful Art Journaling Workshop thumbnail

https://youtu.be/oELVO-rotj0 Do you wonder if you’re doing it right? What if you could know for absolute certain, incontrovertibly, completely and utterly, and without a shadow of a doubt, that anything, and I mean ANYTHING that you make, will be ok? When you’re playing, you can know that. How? Because play connects you to the real [...]

Ugly Can Be a Good Thing! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/o_UCm6Vz_GU How could ugly ever be a good thing? Because playing on top of something that’s ugly is a very freeing way to have fun while enjoying your art supplies. You’ve probably got a few art supplies, so why not get them out for a bit of play! You have total freedom to use anything [...]

Bridging the Isolation with Play thumbnail

Stressed and isolated. Not a great combination and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who is feeling this way. But what if we could safely get together and spend a few minutes using our art supplies and connecting? We can thanks to technology! Join me for some loose and casual play inside our Facebook [...]

Anything Can Become Art thumbnail

Anything can become art. There aren’t rules for what art is, let alone what you can use to make art. Drug stores, hardware stores, the trash, these are all great places to find art making materials. In this video, you’ll see how I used cosmetic sponges to make colorful art to hang on the wall. [...]

How to Deal with the Blank Page thumbnail

What can you do when you’re staring at a blank page wondering what you should do? Get started. But how do you decide where to start? One way is by using an free Art Play Prompt. https://youtu.be/-I9_ExjiEAI Art Play Prompts are a place to start or a jumping off point for your play. There are [...]

Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying thumbnail

Just because spray inks come with a nozzle for spraying, doesn’t mean you can only spray them. They can be used with a paint brush too.  In the video you’ll see an OOPS as well as some color mixing. https://youtu.be/LhLEOsQ2oWw Watch Spray Inks Aren’t Just for Spraying on YouTube. Why the word “start”? It is [...]

Art Supply Guilt Can Be a Good Thing thumbnail

Art supply guilt can be a good thing. Really! I bought all different types of oil pastels over the years. I used them a wee bit. Since then, these have just been sitting ignored on the shelf and taking up space.  Today the oil pastels were radiating waves of guilt because I hadn’t used them in so long. I [...]

The Flawed Thoughts that Kept Me Stuck thumbnail

I was stuck and couldn’t decide what to paint.  I wanted to play, to create, but nothing was inspiring me.  I was looking for the inspiration before I started, a huge flaw in my thinking.  Sure, it is great to be inspired before starting, but that wasn’t happening today. So what did I do to get [...]