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Art Supply Guilt Can Be a Good Thing

Art supply guilt can be a good thing. Really! I bought all different types of oil pastels over the years. I used them a wee bit. Since then, these have just been sitting ignored on the shelf and taking up space. 

Today the oil pastels were radiating waves of guilt because I hadn’t used them in so long. I could hear the judgment in my head and that can really chase away my muse. But I had a simple way to trade the guilt for joy.

How?  I used the oil pastels. Nothing fancy. Just making marks, scribbling. Truly.  Even the brown ones.  Yes, I used browns…granted I didn’t use them as much as the others. You’ll also see how I use the extender oil pastel in the video too!

Watch Art supply guilt can be a good thing on YouTube.

The extender oil pastel is colorless and it lets me smear and blend colors in a way that is different from just using your fingers to do it.  Seeing the colors mingle and move brings me instant joy.

I had art supply guilt, but I turned it into joy by doing something very simple! Video by Carolyn Dube

The part of my brain that wants to know what I will “do” with this. I’m going to enjoy it. And then when I am done with that it might get cut up into art journal backgrounds.  Or maybe something else.  Who knows…well…I do know one thing for certain, there will be a free Spark of Art-spiration made with it.

How do you get the free downloadable Sparks? There’s a new one each week in my newsletter.  Get signed up here to get your Sparks of Art-spiration!.

I had art supply guilt, but I turned it into joy by doing something very simple! Video by Carolyn Dube

The guilt I felt over my oil pastels got me to play with them…after all I would rather feel joy than guilt.  This strategy for dealing with art supply guilt works with any supply so if you ever have that guilt, now you have a way to turn it into joy.

Here are the supplies I used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps keep the free tutorials coming!


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  • Corrine December 4, 2017, 11:41 am

    Your scribbles looks like a Cezanne landscape to me. Houses and gardens all in there. Love it. Maybe you should feel guilty more often! xox

  • Bev Wilson December 16, 2017, 1:26 am


    I really appreciate and enjoy your videos, sparks, inspirations etc….
    but most of all I enjoy, YOU! I have lots of chuckles while learning – love it.

    Thank you!