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Play Dates

A huge thanks to everyone joining in the conversation about spray inks!  I had a blast and hope you did too!  Stay tuned for more Play Dates in the coming months.  I’ve got lots of ideas thanks to your suggestions! If your name was chosen by random.org just send me an email  (acolorfuljourney at gmail [...]

Hope you have enjoyed this week’s play dates!  If you’ve missed any there is still time to join in! Monday: Making a Holographic Background Tuesday:A Sticky Spray Ink Wednesday: Burying Spray Inks that Bleed Thursday: How I Decide Which Spray Inks I Love Friday: Use Each Spray Ink for What it Does Best There’s a different giveaway on each [...]

Play Dates: Use Each Spray Ink for What it Does Best thumbnail

You’ve seen my favorite spray inks, you’ve seen how I experiment and play to learn about spray inks, and today I’m going to share with you how I quickly build a background in an art journal. http://youtu.be/ez9WjjsiXbg Watch Using Each Spray Ink for What it Does Best on YouTube.   Join the conversation and let [...]

Play Dates:  How I Decide Which Spray Inks I Love thumbnail

Am I an organized, methodical type of person who analyzes or am I the kind that jumps right in and has to play to figure it out?  You might already know the answer if you’ve seen many of my videos. Play Dates are all about the conversation for me and I’d love to know how [...]

Play Dates: Burying Spray Inks that Bleed thumbnail

Some spray inks bleed and that can be a very useful thing.  I’m burying the Dylusions spray inks and creating a softer, aged feeling as it bleeds through the gesso. In today’s Play Date video, I’m taking a spray ink that I adore because of its vibrance and showing how it can be wonderful muted down [...]

Play Dates: A Sticky Spray Ink thumbnail

Different spray inks do different things for me.  Prima’s Color Blooms have a sticky feel to them (not implying they are glue like, just a bit stickier on the hands) and that means they work well with things I want them to stick to – like a rubber stamp without beading up. In today’s Play Date, [...]

I love the conversations that happen when I am arting with friends.  Hearing why we each enjoy the supplies we do always sparks my creativity.  I find it amazing that even if we are all talking about the very same supply, we have totally different reasons why we love it. Play Dates are my way [...]