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Mixed Media

A Spark of Silliness thumbnail

It’s a silly day of play using a Spark of Art-Spiration. It all starts with finding this very unusual creature in the free download. Of course there’s an O.O.P.S. or two, but the underwear malfunction was a first. It was with the creature, not me but still, the poor dear might have been a bit [...]

Art Journal Pages Can Change Directions Suddenly thumbnail

What can you do when you have no idea where an art journal page is going?  Enjoy the adventure! When this page was started, there was no hint of where it was going.  Who would have guessed a caterpillar with a mohawk and more than one O.O.P.S.would lead to the end result! https://youtu.be/EcRncmi4ROw This page [...]

The Unexpected Collage thumbnail

It was an unexpected collage that happened in today’s play that started out with intense frustration. Frustration that came from a computer challenge where I was at the point of either getting a sledgehammer or my art supplies to deal with it. Sure, I got my frustration out through play but just when I thought [...]

The Reality Check About My One Word for the Year thumbnail

How much pressure could there be picking one word for the year? Turns out a lot.  Like so many people this time of year, I choose one word to be a beacon for me through the upcoming 12 months.  It was such a huge commitment, you’d think I was signing a contract in blood with [...]

How I Dealt with Being Completely Stuck thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s all about being stuck and what to do about it. I was in my head.  One minute I loved a certain part of it, then the next, I didn’t like that same part.  Overthinking big time.  I was never going to get anywhere as long as I was thinking this [...]

Transforming an Ugly Background thumbnail

Ever have trouble covering up a background?  That didn’t happen here. Starting with an ugly background makes it easy to cover up.  What did I use to cover it up?  Stencil masks.  They transformed the background that was yuck into colorful creatures. Feel free to chuckle about what my daughter pointed out to me in [...]

Embedding Washi Tape in the Layers of an Art Journal thumbnail

Washi tape is a great element to add to an art journal page, especially when you do it as one of the early layers.  Why?  Because then the color go right over it and make it fit right in with your style of journaling.  In the video, notice how much the tape stands out as [...]

Washi Tape & How to Freak out the Supply Hoarder in You thumbnail

  What can you do when the  inner supply hoarder flares up?  Force yourself to use something sacred.  I forced myself to “use up” my washi tape.  And by use up I mean use just a little of it. Using the super special Van Gogh washi tape really freaked out that supply hoarder in me.  Could there [...]

It Is My Circus…And Rainbow Monkeys stenciled canvas by Carolyn Dube

My muse has a twisted sense of humor and she likes to make certain points to me.  I have had a lot of monkeys on my back, more accurately in my head, that have been getting in my way. As I was searching for something that should have been easy to find on my computer,  I [...]

Swearing at my Inner Perfectionist thumbnail

The perfectionist in my head had been hounding me all day. Every decision required justification in triplicate.  It was smothering me and it was getting old.  My inner teenager had enough and a few choice words to put that negative critical voice back in its place. https://youtu.be/VKDsvhs5EvA Watch Shutting up perfectionist voices mixed media style on YouTube. [...]