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Mixed Media

I’m art journaling with stencils and sharing it step by step as I find the door to another world or you could say letting my imagination run wild

My imagination ran away with the idea of another world while I was art journaling.  Perhaps all those sci-fi shows I love like Stargate, Star Trek, and Dr. Who have had a bit of an impact on this page. But in true sci-fi fashion, I didn't start out thinking I would find another language or [...]

Stenciling the cover of an art journal with silhouettes by Carolyn Dube

My art journal cover started as play.  No goal. No plan.  I was just along for the ride.  I thought I was just playing until an O.O.P.S. struck and then the muse opened the floodgates on me.  I didn't see it coming but it was just what I needed. *An O.O.P.S. is an outstanding opportunity presenting suddenly. [...]

My muse was in an A-Team kind of mood today, minus the explosions and exotic locations.  That 80's tv show followed a formula which I loved so it shouldn't surprise me that it showed up in my studio as I made this mixed media sign. Here's how most episodes of the show went: There was a problem. [...]

22¢.  That's a price I can get excited about!  This metal washer was only 22¢ so a handful cost less than a gallon of gas! One of the ways I found to help myself play was to use things from the hardware store.  They're often cheap...like today...I can get as many I could possibly want, and [...]

You never know who will show up or how they will show up when playing in an art studio…

You just never know who will show up when you play with paints.  These 3 characters are peeled paint.  Yes, paint I randomly peeled off of a very messy paint palette.  I was the kid in school who liked to pull glue off my hands... As I pulled the paint up, I did not try [...]

Let’s Play, a Weekly Link Party

Let’s Play, a link party where you can be inspired and be inspiring!

"Can I go over to Christi's house?"  "Can Maria come over?" As a kid, I was always asking to go to a friends house or to have a friend or two come over. Now I am an adult and I still want to play!  So I am interrupting my grown up day for a little play! [...]

I was playing with paint and stencils on cardboard and a story appeared

The way a piece of art play starts does not always give me an hint as to where it will go.  As was the case with this piece of cardboard and paint...who knew this would end up being Marie Antoinette on a gameshow? I was playing around with my Arched Aqueduct stencil with absolutely no idea [...]

I couldn’t always let myself play...when I was a kid I did it effortlessly, then as I grew up I lost that skill...boy did I miss it! So, I decided to reclaim my sense of play. What does play mean for me as an adult?  Play means not worrying if it’s perfect or right or [...]

Art inspired by David Cassidy and the Partridge Family – step by step stencil play and concert photos!

What happens in my life influences what I create in art...and seeing a David Cassidy concert last weekend had a big influence on this canvas!   I adore the tone of his voice and the happy pop sound of his Partridge Family music.  It's infectious!  So much that it is one of favorite playlists in [...]

Art journaling is all about play for me.  No pressure. No demands.  Just play. This started with a random background that I actually began during my Stencil Play Workshop.  I have bits and pieces of leftovers collaged randomly on the pages.  They go together if you are willing to let your imagination stretch...     [...]