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Mixed Media

The Good Kind of Cleaning and a Hot Mess thumbnail

Cleaning and play can go hand in hand. Not house cleaning...but cleaning excess paint off stencils.  My fast and favorite way to clean off an inky or painty stencil, especially when gel printing, is by blotting it off on another surface like an art journal or in this case a wood panel. Since this is not the actual [...]

What do I do with a hideous start to an art journal page? Call it an OOPS and add more layers!  An O.O.P.S. is an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly and little did I know that the word discover would take me to the 70's and disco. https://youtu.be/gldjQyYT7wo Watch How I dealt with an ugly art [...]

The Good, The Bad, the Ugly…and the Hoarder thumbnail

There was a collision of the good, the bad, and the ugly in today's play as I dealt with one of my hoarding tendencies.  This canvas began long ago, and it just sat.  That is until today, when I realized the opportunity in the O.O.P.S. was to use up a hoarded treasure...one that other people might [...]

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room thumbnail

When the play started, it was just goofing around on cardboard.  Just a bunch of dried up drips on some imperfectly applied gesso.  It was so blah, I didn't even take a photo.  Then, I saw legs in the green drips, so I drew the creature.  Part giraffe, the legs, and part elephant, the trunk. A gir-fel-ephant. [...]

Letting Myself Get Lost in my Art Journal thumbnail

Knowing where you are going can be overrated.  Granted, if you are an airplane pilot, it is critical you know where you are going.   But I'm not flying a plane, I am playing in an art journal wandering around without any clear plan. It all began by gluing down some pieces and parts.  One is [...]

Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art thumbnail

This play came from that thing I wasn't paying attention to, the scrap paper from cutting out hearts.  I liked the hearts I cut out, but I loved this paper so much so that this is what I used first!  The muse is rather tricky some days. https://youtu.be/i3R5e_IqelI Watch Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art [...]

Discovering What Can Happen

Discovering What Can Happen thumbnail

Making a mess is all about discovering what can happen.  Sometimes, it's more mess.  Sometimes, it's something I love.  The fun is I never know which it will be when I start playing. This wood panel began with layers of texture.  No goal, no plan, no direction - just a mess of textures.  Those mica flakes [...]

Welcome to OOPSville

Welcome to OOPSville thumbnail

O.O.P.S.ville is a wonderful town, after all there are no mistakes just Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly.  This art journal page started with the leftover scraps I just couldn't bear to throw away from cardmaking with gel prints. Living up to the name of this town, plenty of OOPSies were a part of this process and of [...]

I Noticed a Bit of a Rainbow Trend in 2016 thumbnail

Looking back through my Instagram posts of 2016 I noticed a couple of trends. One is the rainbow. The other, I don't like to clean. Neither one of those is a shocker! What will 2017 bring? My prediction is more colorful play chasing rainbows! A pretty safe bet with my history.  If you're on Instagram, [...]

Journey of a Thousand OOPSies in my Art Journal thumbnail

O.O.P.S. was a word said more than once on this art journal page and near the end, that word was coming fast and furious.  O.O.P.S. isn't a mistake, quite the opposite, since it means an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. In the video, you'll see how I get myself into a quandary with the very first step and how that turns [...]