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Mixed Media

Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art thumbnail

This play came from that thing I wasn't paying attention to, the scrap paper from cutting out hearts.  I liked the hearts I cut out, but I loved this paper so much so that this is what I used first!  The muse is rather tricky some days. https://youtu.be/i3R5e_IqelI Watch Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art [...]

Discovering What Can Happen

Discovering What Can Happen thumbnail

Making a mess is all about discovering what can happen.  Sometimes, it's more mess.  Sometimes, it's something I love.  The fun is I never know which it will be when I start playing. This wood panel began with layers of texture.  No goal, no plan, no direction - just a mess of textures.  Those mica flakes [...]

Welcome to OOPSville

Welcome to OOPSville thumbnail

O.O.P.S.ville is a wonderful town, after all there are no mistakes just Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly.  This art journal page started with the leftover scraps I just couldn't bear to throw away from cardmaking with gel prints. Living up to the name of this town, plenty of OOPSies were a part of this process and of [...]

I Noticed a Bit of a Rainbow Trend in 2016 thumbnail

Looking back through my Instagram posts of 2016 I noticed a couple of trends. One is the rainbow. The other, I don't like to clean. Neither one of those is a shocker! What will 2017 bring? My prediction is more colorful play chasing rainbows! A pretty safe bet with my history.  If you're on Instagram, [...]

Journey of a Thousand OOPSies in my Art Journal thumbnail

O.O.P.S. was a word said more than once on this art journal page and near the end, that word was coming fast and furious.  O.O.P.S. isn't a mistake, quite the opposite, since it means an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. In the video, you'll see how I get myself into a quandary with the very first step and how that turns [...]

Bedazzling a Canvas and Using Up a Hoarded Supply thumbnail

A hoarding reality moment of truth for me.  I love sparkles.  I buy sparkles but I don't use nearly as many as I buy. So today I am going to use those plastic gems and bedazzle a canvas as I play around mixed media style! https://youtu.be/6b1qZh9SJ9E Watch How adding gems to a canvas bedazzled it on YouTube. [...]

Am I Dreaming of Pink Spiked Hair? thumbnail

A forgotten piece of play grabbed my attention and before I knew it, a visitor showed up. This bright, and quite silly, character came to life all because of an O.O.P.S. I started by stenciling the word dreams with acrylic paint and my Vintage Typewriter stencil on a canvas board that had been hanging around the studio for [...]

The Overlooked Secret to Playing

The Overlooked Secret to Playing thumbnail

You just have to start. Something.  Anything.  It's the most important step when it comes to play.  What you start doing doesn't have to be perfect or magical.  In fact, you'll see how this starts as simple shapes and becomes a mixed media canvas called Once in a Blue Moon over Venice. I had no [...]

She Released Her Untamed Creativity thumbnail

When I started this page, I glued a leftover copy of a vintage photo into my art journal without a clue where I was going with it.  No plan meant no expectations. After all, I had no idea what direction that very serious woman in the photo was headed.  In the end, she was able to release her [...]

The Muse Said Shut Up and Play

It was one of those "what's the meaning of life" kind of days.  Recent life events had me waxing philosophically and I was looking for deep answers inside my art studio. Here are the exact words of the muse...and she said them quite forcefully in my head..."Shut up and play."  She wasn't into the deeper levels of [...]