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My face hurts.  It did most of the time I was at Art Is You in Nashville.  It hurt from laughing so hard.  Thanks to Sallianne and Ellen who put so much into planning and organizing this!     Pam Carriker taught a fun workshop, Busting Out.   I finally feel like shading faces is [...]

It has been tough keeping this secret until now…big bite marks on my tongue as I held it when I wanted to share…but now it is ready for the full reveal! My free workshop, Use Your Words, was sparked by the endless creativity I found when creating with an alphabet stencil.  Once I had that [...]

Does time ever get away from you?  I couldn’t believe how this summer sped by- before I knew it was the the end of Rinda‘s scavenger hunt.  I didn’t find them all, but I found a few.  It was a ton of fun looking for these things- quite a rush when I found them! Thanks [...]

I was blessed to be able to go to Dina Wakley’s weekend class at Donna Downey’s studio a while ago.   I was blown away by what it offered me- a sense of home.  Not my home but Donna’s home.  We were in her studio and it was Southern hospitality at its finest!  I made quite [...]

  I went to Boulder, CO to the Makerie and Flora Bowley’s class.  My first stop was this house.  Recognize it?  If you do, you are showing your age.  It’s the house from Mork and Mindy, the sitcom staring Robin WIlliams.  Yes, I searched out the house.  Okay, I Googled the house and then used [...]

Tracy Stilwell guided me through my first real sewing adventure.  I have sewn paper, bits of fabric, even a tote, but never on any clothes I could wear.  While we talked at the start of class I realized I had some serious sewing issues.  Did home economics class in high school scar me?  Apparently.  I [...]

There are so many amazing teachers and classes at Art is You.  It is so tough  to pick but I was beyond thrilled with Jodi Ohl’s class. I watched her painting and I was thrilled with how a painting looked in the beginning.  I had no idea how much farther it would go by the [...]

I recently went to Louisville to see the artist Peter Max give a presentation and perhaps buy a piece of his work. When I arrived I found out he was there the day before and I didn’t know about the change. Turned out I was going to see Nano Lopez. I’d never heard of him [...]

Soon I’ll be heading off to my first Art Is You in Danbury, CT.  There’s a Seussian theme to this art event so my elementary teacher supplies came in so handy!  I had a bunch of Seuss buttons that inspired my trades.  A few stencils, a die cutting machine, plenty of paint, an old typewriter, [...]

What do you get when you mix stunning landscapes, a generous host, terrific food, great people, and a class taught by Michelle Ward?  Answer – a perfect weekend.  This was my first trip to Valley Ridge for a class.  I doubt it will be my last.  The views from the classroom were amazing especially since [...]