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Jodi Ohl’s Paraffiti Class

There are so many amazing teachers and classes at Art is You.  It is so tough  to pick but I was beyond thrilled with Jodi Ohl’s class.

I watched her painting and I was thrilled with how a painting looked in the beginning.  I had no idea how much farther it would go by the end of class.  The lesson I learned: I fall in love with some of the backgrounds I make- to the point I hate to cover it up.  Those layers aren’t precious but they are important. They add depth to the art.

Another lesson I learned was to not give up on a painting.  I thought where I started was so-so but as I added the layers I began to see how the early layers played a role in the look as I continued to add more.  Where I was less than thrilled was just another place to put color, a stencil, a stamp, a smudge.

Here are a few shots of Jodi’s in class demo in progress.

At this point I loved the painting!  I felt it was amazing here but she kept going at made it even more interesting.Jodi doesn’t like wasting paint.  I love that because I hate to waste it too.  We used our extra paints, the wet stencils, and any other supplies on a group canvas.  It looked a bit chaotic at the end of the first class but when I saw it later in the week I was blown away.  Wish I had taken a picture!  I can’t wait to take another class with Jodi!

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  • Cynthia October 24, 2011, 11:48 pm

    I love where you said: “Where I was less than thrilled was just another place to put color, a stencil, a stamp, a smudge.” That is honestly something I have never thought of. I tend to stay stuck on the “less than thrilled” part, never thinking positively about it as an opportunity to add another layer. Thank you for that observation. And bit of wisdom. 😉

    • Carolyn October 25, 2011, 12:21 am

      It was a big lesson for me too! It was great watching her paint as she decided what to keep and what to add more layers to.