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Open Ended

A Spark of Silliness thumbnail

It’s a silly day of play using a Spark of Art-Spiration. It all starts with finding this very unusual creature in the free download. Of course there’s an O.O.P.S. or two, but the underwear malfunction was a first. It was with the creature, not me but still, the poor dear might have been a bit [...]

Using a Spark of Art-spiration thumbnail

Play.  It isn’t just for kids, it’s for grown-ups too.  Kids jump right in to play – no warm-up needed.  Adults sometimes need a little help getting to that playful place. That’s where my free Sparks of Art-spiration can help. See how to use a Spark as a springboard for your play in the video [...]

Stenciled Letters thumbnail

I had a bunch of requests for how I made the ransom style lettering using gel prints and stencils from my last blog post. You asked, and I listened! Here’s the video showing you all the techniques I used.  In there you’ll see how to stencil the speedy way if you’re doing a lot of [...]

The Reality Check About My One Word for the Year thumbnail

How much pressure could there be picking one word for the year? Turns out a lot.  Like so many people this time of year, I choose one word to be a beacon for me through the upcoming 12 months.  It was such a huge commitment, you’d think I was signing a contract in blood with [...]

What is Acrylic Gouache & How Do You Use It? thumbnail

If watercolors and acrylic paint had a love child, it would be acrylic gouache.  It’s like taking the best qualities of both and then putting them in the best bottle ever for mixed media play. I’m putting this new paint from Liquitex through its paces as I make this art journal page.  I found out [...]

Ripping it all Up, Kintsukuroi Style Art Journaling thumbnail

I’m using the Japanese technique of Kintsukuroi in my art journal. What is that? It involves ripping up the page! Check it all out in my guest post on the guest post on the Stampington and Co. blog.  You bet there’s video too!  Thanks Stampington for inviting me to play! Where did the inspiration for this [...]

Guest Post on StencilGirl Talk thumbnail

Excited to be guest posting at StencilGirl Talk.  I’ve got a quick video for you there using watercolor pencils and a stencil.  While you’re there, check out all the other posts they have for more stencil inspiration!

Capturing Exhilaration with Paint Splatters thumbnail

Do you have to know where you are going when you start? Nope. I wanted to capture a feeling on this page in my art journal but had no idea which feeling until I started splattering Pam Carriker’s paint. Then it was crystal clear which emotion belonged on this page. This journal is a giant 150 [...]

OOPS! There’s No Autocorrect in my Art Journal thumbnail

I had a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert that I was stenciling into my journal with a pen.  I was looking at the words and was so lost in the moment that I lost track of the actual words.OOPS! Silly part is I didn’t notice until after I was coloring it in! Not only is this O.O.P.S., [...]

New Stencils at StencilGirl! thumbnail

What do Sketchy Women with Class have to do with Painted Rainbows?  What do Figments of Imagination have to do with Kandinsky’s Garden? They are just some of my new stencil designs just released at StencilGirl! Here’s a look at some of what I’ve been creating with these new designs.  It’s my version of a journal flip through…why [...]