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Circles Layer Me

Fragile Art Journaling with Leftover Moving Stickers thumbnail

https://youtu.be/h7YwSZADBuo Things don’t always, or often, go as planned. This art journal page went from loved to not loved and back to loved in the end. Fitting for a heart! What inspired this play was the roll of leftover fragile stickers from our move. FYI, when a roll has a 1000 stickers on it, it’s [...]

Stenciled Nonsense & Altered Book Journaling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Jv_hNDqisUQ You’ll see my pen struggles, my OOPS stenciling, and a surprising message that came about on the page as I add more layers to an altered book journal. And you’ll see the cost of my impatience, that I don’t mind one bit. The stenciling began by going up and down, the best way to [...]

Making a Skirt for the Elf on The Shelf with Gel Printed Fabric and glue by Carolyn Dube

They are making clothes for the Elf on the Shelf, but they aren’t the colors or style I wanted, so I decided I could make her skirt.  How hard could this be?  A little gel printing, a simple running stitch, and a bunch of glue. Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be on Project [...]

Paris Polka Dots…an art journaling tutorial using  printable collage elements and stencils by Carolyn Dube

It was a “P” day in my art journal….not only play but pink & polka dots & Paris!  The bones or structure of this page has some color on it but not nearly enough for me.  And along the way, I made a new friend, Phil, who was very helpful with the polka dots…which infected me with [...]

Video tutorial adding layers of color in a cardboard art journal with Carolyn Dube

It wasn’t my fault I kept playing!  Really! It was my muse!  My goal was to use up the paint on my palette…but she kept whispering in my ear for more colors…more paint…so I HAD to keep playing. An endless loop of happiness!  Can’t you just imagine how much she had to twist my arm [...]

Using some of that cardboard all around and scraps on the counter, a very silly story involving eggs and Santa is revealed through art journaling play for the Let’s Play link party!

Amazon boxes mean cardboard is everywhere thanks to some last minute shopping…which means I have a cheap and plentiful place to paint and play.   A little Santa on my counter that was left over from another day’s play (you can see it here) sparked the silly story to come.  I never know where my mind [...]

“What can do you do with all the prints you make with a Gelli Plate®?” is something I get asked often.  Anything that I use paper for I can use Gelli prints®.  That is just what I did as I created some fun library pocket holders with a new Sizzix die. I grabbed a whole bunch [...]

I have lots and lots of cardboard all around the studio. Why?  Because I have been using it as I prepare for an upcoming workshop.  This new free workshop has sprung out of my love of play and a conversation with an artist who didn’t know how to let herself play. If you’d like to know when the [...]

When I was invited to try out the Groove from Art-C for the blog hop with StencilGirl, I didn’t know what to expect.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical and wondered if it was something for me.  Turns out, it is exactly the kind of thing I like to use.  It’s easy to [...]

So it turns out when a product comes with a lid on it, you should put said lid back on when finished using it.  You guessed it…I did not do that and shockingly it dried out!  So dried out that absolutely no artful CPR in the world was going to save it. Did I freak out? [...]