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Arched Aquaducts

Waiting for that Perfect Idea thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s all about wanting and waiting for that perfect idea.  Perhaps you’ve been wishing waiting for that too.  I was treasuring an art journal page and waiting for that “perfect” idea to appear out of thin air. After waiting quite a while, I realized  play was the perfect idea! So I grabbed what was nearby [...]

OOPS, The Epic Journey of Doubt and Play thumbnail

Going from the blank canvas to a finished one can feel like the the 12 trials of Hercules, an epic journey.  I had a gesso’d canvas, actually a wood panel, fully prepared to tackle the challenges that were waiting as I began playing. The first challenge happened when I started layering some colors and pattern and it looked hideous [...]

Where Will These Doorways Lead Me? thumbnail

The idea of doorways was stuck in my head the moment I saw these scraps. I became fixated on them the same way a song gets stuck in my head.  Little did I know what these treasured leftovers would get me thinking about. Once the bits, gel printed using my Arched Aqueducts stencil, were glued down on [...]

An art journal page inspired by a Gelli Print®

I am a very careful planner.  I think 20 steps ahead.  Creating for me is very calculated and controlled. I can’t even type that with a straight face.  I am the polar opposite of a controlled planner when I play.  But you’ll see where I got stuck making this and how a penny rescued me!     [...]

I was playing with paint and stencils on cardboard and a story appeared

The way a piece of art play starts does not always give me an hint as to where it will go.  As was the case with this piece of cardboard and paint…who knew this would end up being Marie Antoinette on a gameshow? I was playing around with my Arched Aqueduct stencil with absolutely no idea [...]

I have lots and lots of cardboard all around the studio. Why?  Because I have been using it as I prepare for an upcoming workshop.  This new free workshop has sprung out of my love of play and a conversation with an artist who didn’t know how to let herself play. If you’d like to know when the [...]

Carolyn is sharing how she went step by step  from loving her art journal page to hating it and back again to loving it.

I loved it…then I hated it…my mood toward this art journal page was swinging from one extreme to another with each layer.   Wild extremes that happened in a second.  I love when this happens because it was such a fun ride my muse took me on today! It started with a layer I loved.  I [...]

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

What is the best paint for Gelli® printing?  Any acrylic paint will work and different paints behave differently.  Spoiler alert- there isn’t one paint that is best.  Why? Because it depends on what look you want as well as what paints feel most comfortable to you. In the video, I compare 5 different acrylic paints: [...]

Video playing it loose with a stencil and paint on a junk mail envelope with Carolyn Dube

I’m playing it fast and loose with a stencil and paint on a junk mail envelope. It was the end of the day and I wanted to use up my leftover paints.   When time is short, anything within reach is fair game for me…and this was what I grabbed! When I go loose…there is usually [...]

It was just a piece of book text for wiping up leftover paints.  Just a place to test out if the I had reinked the ink pad enough.  This wasn’t meant to be anything.  It was junk, but then it wasn’t.  I saw a conversation happening between all these people.  They had a message for me [...]