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Permission to Play

Who Told Me to Do What? thumbnail

I was told to do all sorts of stuff- and it was a blast! In my most recent live stream, I completely trusted the friends in my Facebook group, Rediscovering Your Creativity, to tell me what to do. I had to do what they said, in the order they said it. It was fast and [...]

What Can Distress Oxide Spray Do? thumbnail

What can Distress Oxide Spray do?  That was my question as I opened the box and took these out for a spin.  What you’re seeing in the video is my very first time playing with the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Sprays.  There are 3 things that really stood out to me:  Absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces give [...]

How Do You Know When An Art Journal Page is Finished? thumbnail

How do you know if an art journal page is finished?  Here’s my perspective on it.  It’s a very personal thing because what you create comes from your soul and is unique to you. When you look at it, if it feels finished, then it’s finished.  If it doesn’t feel finished, then it isn’t. You get the final say. That also means [...]

The 150 Year Old Ledger is Becoming an Art Journal thumbnail

Ever just see something in a store and you knew it was meant to be yours?  Like love at first sight?  That’s what happened with this huge ledger. Even though I had no rational idea of what I was going to do with it at the time, I had to bring it home! Thank you Kristin for [...]

Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal thumbnail

The play almost didn’t happen today. That logical left brain of mine was having a control freak kind of a day and things were being taken way too seriously. What rescued me? What got me playing?  My Permission to Play art journal! https://youtu.be/J-mHpov572Y Watch Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal on YouTube. Want to make [...]

Published in Art Journaling Magazine! thumbnail

I did a happy dance when I opened up the latest issue of Art Journaling Magazine to see my cardboard Permission to Play journal in there!  Once I stopped dancing,  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entire issue -lots of inspiration and ideas in there from so many art journalers! Many of the published pages in the journal were created while [...]

How Disco Helped Me Deal with an Ugly Art Journal Page thumbnail

What do I do with a hideous start to an art journal page? Call it an OOPS and add more layers!  An O.O.P.S. is an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly and little did I know that the word discover would take me to the 70’s and disco. https://youtu.be/gldjQyYT7wo Watch How I dealt with an ugly art [...]

The Challenge of Bleeding Spray Inks thumbnail

The play gets ugly today.  Really ugly.  The challenge of this page is that I used Dylusions spray ink on the first layer and it reactivates as soon as paint hits it PLUS it will bleed through any paint layer.  But what I thought was ugly became something I love thanks to a little help from a Gel Press [...]

Video tutorial adding layers of color in a cardboard art journal with Carolyn Dube

It wasn’t my fault I kept playing!  Really! It was my muse!  My goal was to use up the paint on my palette…but she kept whispering in my ear for more colors…more paint…so I HAD to keep playing. An endless loop of happiness!  Can’t you just imagine how much she had to twist my arm [...]

Video making a cardboard journal with a perpetual calendar for each month

I want to be the type of person who chronicles every day in a scrapbook or planner or journal.  Reality check…I’m not.  I might do it a few days, then miss a bunch, then do it again, but by March, I am usually so far behind that I never pick it up again.  But what I [...]