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Gel Printing FUNdamentals

Botanical Gel Printing with Crazy Daisies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/fYVuVIpuTOw Botanical gel printing captures all the delicate details of flowers. Even on bouquets that are on their last leg wilting and with petals falling off, like this one of crazy daisies. The prints created are gorgeously black and white but I couldn’t leave them without color. Keep reading and you’ll see how adding color [...]

Gel Printing FUNdamentals Workshop thumbnail

“You make it look so easy.” Gel printing looks like you just roll on some paint and effortlessly you have an amazingly colorful print. But there’s actaully a lot of thought that goes into it. It’s not just random luck getting great prints. There are principles, what I can the FUNdamentals, that guide the decision [...]

Taking a Leap in My Art Journal thumbnail

I took a leap or two in my altered book journal. Not a flying leap but another kind of leap.  An art journaling adventure from the red I almost never use to attempting surgical stenciling precision to the careful lettering.  I am guessing it won’t surprise you that there was an O.O.P.S. in there! https://youtu.be/ptfyWfvGheI Watch Altered [...]

Dave, the Husband, is Making a Gel Print! thumbnail

My husband was so excited about gel printing after editing the welcome/getting started pages of my workshop, Gel Printing FUNdamentals that he WANTED to make a print.  And he let me film it! You’ll see him go from being very hesitant to far more confident, in just one print! If he can do it, you can [...]

Gel Printing FUNdamentals thumbnail

Are amazing gel prints random guess work? Nope. But it can feel that way if you don’t know the FUNdamental principles. Do you know the whys behind your final prints? Do you know how to replicate a gorgeous print that you’ve made?  Once you know the FUNdamentals, you will! This 3 week on-line workshop is for anyone [...]

Giveaway Winners! thumbnail

Drum roll please…here are the 3 winners of my newest workshop, Gel Printing FUNdamentals…. Janis Graham Linda Goozee Barbara L. Redmon Please email me (carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com) and I’ll get you right in to the workshop! Want to know more about the workshop, Gel Printing FUNdamentals?  It’s all here.

New Workshop Giveaway! thumbnail

Where have I been and what have I been working on? A new workshop, Gel Printing FUNdamentals!  I am giving away 3 spots in the new  workshop!  3 winners and 3 ways to enter! It isn’t quite ready to go live, I’ve still a t to dot and i to cross here and there but I am just so [...]